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8 MONTHS! 30 Mar 2012


LITHE CAREERS! 29 Mar 2012


We're jumping for joy!  Lithe is growing!  We're currently searching for talented individuals to join our Philadlephia-based Lithe team.  We are seeking friendly, hard-working, efficient, detail-oriented, forward-thinking, passionate, service-oriented, inspiring people with a love for Lithe, healthy living and an excitement for our unique brand.

Interested?  Beginning next week, you'll be able to see all available positions (from instructors to Studio Managers) and descriptions up on our website for each location. Here are a few positions that we accepting resumes for right now...



Although 2012 has been kinder to me than it has been to many (Kim Kardashian did get flour bombed by a PETA activist after all), it’s been a bit of a pain so far. Literally. I started off the year with a sinus/chest infection that just wouldn’t go away, and as soon as I finally beat that, I came down with a stubborn kidney infection that also didn’t want to go away (hence my recent absence from the blog). For the past 3 weeks, I’ve split my time between doctors’ offices and asleep on a heating pad. Which means, besides the fact that I’ve been Les Miserables, I’ve spent no time in the studio.

And, although I was focused on getting better--drinking tons of cranberry juice, visualizing healthy kidneys dancing around in front of me, chanting mantras (you know...the uzh)--in the back of my mind, I have to admit that I was kind of stressed about being out of class for so long. My rational self knew this was silly, and that a few of weeks of taking it easy was vital to my recovery,  but my paranoid self couldn’t help but think it was the end of the world.

So here I am, my back is killing me, I’m exhausted from a trip to the ER, and wiped out from being on multiple antibiotics, and I’m worried about getting fat? Really? I couldn’t help but think that 3 weeks off would land me back at square 1. That my all my hard work (read: 20lbs lost, doing push-ups on my toes, doing all of my lunges in stiletto without a break) would just fall apart. I found myself wincing as I stepped on the scale (at every doctor’s visit), as I waited for the numbers to pop up...and up and up. I found myself feeling guilty after meals, knowing that I wasn’t burning the calories off in class. (I kept imagining little green men, because that’s what calories look like under a microscope, all running straight to my butt, where other little green men were hanging out drinking booze straight from a bottle, high-fiving each other saying ridiculous things like: Dude, I told you we’d all hang out here again. This place is awesome! Butterbeers on me!) I would look in the mirror daily, sizing myself up from every angle, trying to gauge how fast the pounds were making their way back onto my body.

Obsessed much?

I think so. I’ve always thought of myself as a person with a healthy body image...that I was different than the girls in high school that constantly said they were fat. Turns out, I’m not as different as I thought. And amazingly, I’m in the best shape I’ve been in, in years. When I was heavier, I was focused and motivated to slim down, so I put in the hard work to make it to my so-called “goal size.” But now that I’m here, am I really just going to constantly panic that I’ll fall from this slippery weight-loss zenith? So when is it enough? Just a couple of more pounds here? Just a little skinnier in my inner thighs? A little more sculpted in my arms? God forbid I miss a class or two here and there...I convince myself it’s goodbye skinny jeans.

Not okay.
These last few weeks have been a total wake-up call for me. It was like my body was forcing me to SLOW DOWN. Yes, it’s amazing to get into the studio 5-6 times a week if you’re healthy and are keeping fit, and it makes sense for your life. But I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve Lithed through injuries, or when I’m not feeling so great...because ultimately I’m scared of what will happen if I stop.

So here I am, 3 weeks out, and guess what? I must admit that I look exactly the same. The beauty of Lithe is that it not only slims us down, but it makes us strong. Really strong. So a little rough patch here and there isn’t actually going to derail us like we think it will. Yes, I may be sore again (really sore) when I finally get back to the barre. And maybe I’ll have to do push ups on my knees for a while, but...so what?

And that’s been what I’ve had to say to myself. So I gain a couple of pounds? So I’m going to struggle a bit when I take Tight End again. SO WHAT. I realized that it’s not enough to just go to Lithe classes, but it’s important to truly embrace the entire philosophy. Part of which is to listen to our bodies, to nurture them and compliment them with our workout, not batter them. And certainly give ourselves the room to rest. That it’s essential to the process. That it’s impossible to be fit and hip, without being healthy.

So that’s the new mindset I’m working on: giving myself a break...in all senses of the word. No beating myself up about it. Having faith in all the hard work I’ve done, and that we all do in the studio. I hope that you can do the same, if you need it.

See you in class (when I’m ready)!



We're only 3-4 weeks out from Lithe's Main Line opening day!  Our reception area (not seen here) is beautiful and the locker room is perfect.  What's left to do?   Hardwood floors, lockers/showers, paint, mirrors, barres, band system and details!  Here are some shots that I took yesterday:  Fresh tile in the locker room, Studio under construction and instructor platform!  I'll give you another visual update in two weeks!

Images via Lauren's iphone

INSPIRATION. 27 Mar 2012

Get Up

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Lauren and I missed a photo op while I was away on vacation, so we combined weeks 2 & 3:

I must begin by thanking my fellow Lithers and instructors for their overwhelming support, encouragement, and well wishes. I'm so incredibly blessed to be apart of such a dynamic community and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! :)

Week two proved to be significantly more challenging than week one! Between the daylight savings time change, my hectic work schedule, lower caloric intake, and additional Lithe classes I found myself fatigued and lacking momentum. Yet, I knew I had to persevere, maintain a positive perspective, and dig deep to ignite my insatiable appetite to succeed! My week kicked off with a super sweaty Fat Free with Elizabeth, followed by a very productive Waspie with Melissa, invigorating Spirit with Brooke, challenging and gratifying Sleeveless with Bari, and finally an upbeat and intense Higher Power with Elizabeth. Though I aspired to take 6 classes, I was only successful in taking 5. Food highlights included: harvest apple quinoa, winter recovery smoothie, portabella spinach ricotta crepes, green bubble tea, and Lithe lassi. By the close of the week, I was rejuvenated and committed to making week three truly incredible.

Week three was exceptionally busy yet proved to be my best week to date. Fat Free with Tiffany was a strong start to the week, Waspie with Melissa was excellent, Higher Power with Brooke was awesome, Sleeveless with Bari was vigorous, Tight End with Lauren royally kicked my tush and Twiggy with Elizabeth was super fun and energetic! Week three food highlights included: greek pita salad, zucquinoa lasagna and athena fritata.

I'm having such a wonderful and positive makeover journey and admittedly, I'm not ready for it to end! Though the past three weeks have been physically and mentally challenging, they've also been a remarkable testament to my fortitude, tenacity, and resilience!

I'm so pumped for week four and will make it my best week yet!

Post-Twiggy Images of Lauren via Lauren



Tweet with us and win!  Here's what you have to do:

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We'll announce the winner on the @lithemethod Twitter page. Remember, all entries must be received by 11:59 pm/et on 3/27/2012. Limit one entry per day per person/twitter address.  Check out the rules here. 

Aveeno image via Aveeno.com


Simone & Bayla

Dear Lauren,
LOVE is looking and feeling great in a bikini one year after giving birth.  I have been back to Lithe now for almost 8 months and have watched my body transform back to my pre-mama self.  I have to admit I see more definition in my arms, legs, back, butt and abs now than I did before getting pregnant!!!  What a GREAT feeling!  I want to Thank You and all the instructors for their encouragement and inspiration in this program.

For many women it is hard to imagine gaining weight and loosing the body shape they worked so hard to have before getting pregnant.  I have to admit I was one of those women. Before my pregnancy I wasn't practicing Lithe regularly so I didn't stick with it during my pregnancy, but continued my yoga practice and swam daily.  I maintained a healthy diet throughout my pregnancy and ate A LOT of food.  I wanted to give my baby all the nutrients I could offer.  With that said, the pounds packed on but it was for the baby.  I watched my body shape change and embraced it with love and kindness.  Forty weeks later we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Bayla Rose.

It wasn't until Bayla was six months old that I knew it was time for me to get my body back.  I was nursing at the time and could not lose my last 10 pounds of baby weight.  Being a stay at home mom didn't offer me a lot of time to myself so I made a commitment in August that I was going to Lithe at least 2 days a week at 6am before Bayla or Brian (my husband) got up.  Was I crazy?!  I was still up nursing at midnight and again at 2am, but those 6am classes were my savior.  Lithe was my outlet to feel great and socialize with other women without having my baby on my hip.  
Thank you for jumpstarting my motherhood in a fit, hip and healthy way.  
Simone Nadav


  Spring (break) recovery smoothie

Our Spring (Break) Recovery smoothie is reminiscent of impending summer, tan lines, warm breezes and a little bit of healing for those of you who've been working (and playing) hard.  Delicious, immune-boosting, and chock-full of Vitamin C, A, Potassium, Folate and Lauric Acid, which is known for being antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Ingredients:  Pineapple, orange, banana, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut, lime, ginger  295 Calories, 10g Fat, 53g Carbs (6g Fiber), 4g Protein  Price:  $7.00

HAPPY NEWS! 23 Mar 2012


Congratulations to Lithe Instructor, Kim Sauer, her husband Tom and baby Thomas!  They are expecting baby #2!  Kim is just over 12 weeks along.  Congratulations and lots of love from everyone at Lithe. 

Image of Lithe Instructor, Kim Sauer at Lithe Old City via Dom

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