I am so excited about our third LitheStyle Makeover winner, Lauren F!  Lauren is one of the sweetest people in the studio and I know that she's going to have a great month!  Here's her first blog post:

I first discovered the Lithe Method in November 2011 and like many of you, I've been hooked ever since! The opportunity to take classes with such knowledgeable, nurturing, and motivating instructors is both empowering and inspiring, not to mention a truly incredible workout! When I reflect on the past few months, I'm so pleased with the progress I've witnessed both physically and mentally and really can't imagine life without Lithe.

So, when I discovered that I'd won the LitheStyle Makeover, I was absolutely astounded. I remember I was sitting in my office when my friend (and fellow Lither) exclaimed..."oh my gosh, you won!!!!!" Initially, I hadn't the slightest idea what she was referencing but once it resonated, I was met with a pure exhilaration! Fast forward a month and I'm finally kicking off my journey! As I embark upon this remarkable experience, I'm overwhelmed with tremendous excitement, enthusiasm, and a sincere desire to become the very best version of myself! 

My classes are reserved, my food has been delivered and I'm absolutely thrilled to begin my LitheStyle Makeover! 

Stay tuned! :)



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good luck, can't wait to watch the transformation

Ah Lauren I'm so excited for you and look forward to supporting you through your month makeover! You're already inspiring me with your enthusiasm!

Go Lauren!!!!

Awesome! Looking forward to hearing about your journey!

Congratulations, Lauren!

Congrats! Enjoy your makeover!

So excited for you Lauren - have an amazing time and I can't wait to hear (read) all about it!

Saw you in class this morning but didn't get to speak to you. You were rockin'. Enjoy the ride on your makeover!!!

Many thanks to everyone for their awesome encouragement and well wishes! :)

Cool. Good for you Lauren. Good luck! I'll definitely want to see the after results, I know it's gonna be amazing :)

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