Lauren and I missed a photo op while I was away on vacation, so we combined weeks 2 & 3:

I must begin by thanking my fellow Lithers and instructors for their overwhelming support, encouragement, and well wishes. I'm so incredibly blessed to be apart of such a dynamic community and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! :)

Week two proved to be significantly more challenging than week one! Between the daylight savings time change, my hectic work schedule, lower caloric intake, and additional Lithe classes I found myself fatigued and lacking momentum. Yet, I knew I had to persevere, maintain a positive perspective, and dig deep to ignite my insatiable appetite to succeed! My week kicked off with a super sweaty Fat Free with Elizabeth, followed by a very productive Waspie with Melissa, invigorating Spirit with Brooke, challenging and gratifying Sleeveless with Bari, and finally an upbeat and intense Higher Power with Elizabeth. Though I aspired to take 6 classes, I was only successful in taking 5. Food highlights included: harvest apple quinoa, winter recovery smoothie, portabella spinach ricotta crepes, green bubble tea, and Lithe lassi. By the close of the week, I was rejuvenated and committed to making week three truly incredible.

Week three was exceptionally busy yet proved to be my best week to date. Fat Free with Tiffany was a strong start to the week, Waspie with Melissa was excellent, Higher Power with Brooke was awesome, Sleeveless with Bari was vigorous, Tight End with Lauren royally kicked my tush and Twiggy with Elizabeth was super fun and energetic! Week three food highlights included: greek pita salad, zucquinoa lasagna and athena fritata.

I'm having such a wonderful and positive makeover journey and admittedly, I'm not ready for it to end! Though the past three weeks have been physically and mentally challenging, they've also been a remarkable testament to my fortitude, tenacity, and resilience!

I'm so pumped for week four and will make it my best week yet!

Post-Twiggy Images of Lauren via Lauren


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You should be so proud of yourself! Great job!

I was in Twiggy with Lauren on Saturday morning, and she was working her butt off. Keep up the great work, Lauren! We're all rooting for you :)

Lauren you look fantastic! Just think of us as your personal cheer leading squad ;0) Keep up the good work!

Saw you in Twiggy as well and you are doing great! Keep it up!

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