25 THINGS {BY SAYEH}! 9 May 2012


A long time Lither, Rosemary is my hero! When I began 4 years ago, I was a hot mess (and still am as exampled today in class when Lauren was actually concerned about me because of the tortured look of pain on my face). I would Lithe Stall constantly (still do)!  Yet, I would glance over my shoulder and Rosemary would be in Plyo number 29 with a look of serenity on her face that I was so envious of! Today, she continues to out perform me, even after 4 years of practice! She’s an inspiration, and here is 25 things you may not have know about her.

  1. I was born and grew up in South Florida, but  was quick to leave for northern climes and headed to university in upstate New York. I was so excited to see snow for the first time, but the novelty has worn off even though I still love new snow.
  2. I eschewed the fancy wedding scene and had a hippyish wedding with new found friends in the outdoors near Seattle with my attire being jeans.  This came after a summer of backpacking all over the west living out of a VW van with my soon to be husband.  Needless to say our families were scandalized.
  3. I have 2 wonderful, talented children.  I introduced my daughter Leah to Lithe, and my son is getting married this June in Brooklyn.
  4. My life has stretched from coast to coast. Growing up in the east, then deciding the west beckoned, and now again in the east.  Will Philly be my last stop?  Very unlikely.
  5. I got to live on a houseboat on the ship canal in Seattle.  My husband named it Thyme for Rosemary. The sign is on our wall.
  6. I never owned an umbrella while I was living there.
  7. My daughter is a dancer and lives part of her time in India leaving her long hair chihuahua named Princess with us.
  8. My first lithe class was when Northern Liberties was the only studio.  
  9. Much earlier than Lithe, I was a follower of the Jane Fonda videos (but without thong leotards!!!).
  10. I am a huge NPR fan and found touring the studio in DC as exciting as some people find Disneyland (a place I never intend to go).
  11. I read the New Yorker every week.  
  12. I am a follower of fashion and try to know what the new trends are even if I don’t follow them.  My style is still evolving.
  13. My coffee is dark, strong and black.  
  14. I love warm sands and blue oceans.  
  15. I bake bread occasionally but did it weekly when I lived in Missoula, MT.
  16. A trip to MOMA makes me happy.
  17. My favorite décor is clean lines and modern.  My house however is very eclectic.
  18. I like to get my own way, and can come up with many arguments about why I should.  
  19. I hate snakes.  I am not too fond of palmetto bugs either.  I think dead ones smell like Jergens Lotion.  A remnant of my childhood in Florida.  
  20. I love avocados but never touched them growing up with 2 avocado trees in my back yard. There also were unappreciated (by me) grapefruit and orange trees.  
  21. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was a little girl.   I seem to always have a knitting project going, but not any rush to complete it.
  22. My daughter wears my clothes and looks so much better in them than I do.
  23. I am a total news and political junkie.  
  24. One of my favorite movies of all time is Francois Truffaut’s Small Change.  I bet none of you have even heard of it.
  25. I always want to know to know what is around the next corner.  

From the interactions I’ve had with Rosemary over the years, I can’t say that I’m surprised that she had the gumption to get married in jeans outside with some new friends. Go ‘head Rosemary! I know many of us could really benefit from a little of that spontaneity and guts in our lives! You’re an amazing, cool lady that truly exemplifies what it means to fit, hip and healthy!

See you in class!

Image via Samantha Stephens at Lithe Rittenhouse. 


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Rosemary, you're an inspiration! I agree with you about the palmetto bugs!

I have always tried to score a mat next to Rosemary when we are in the same class for as long as we've been going to Lithe! I started reading this just knowing Princess would be mentioned in here somewhere... Rosemary, I loooove Small Change too!

I've been to Truffaut's grave--love him! I think your wedding story rocks. And I saw Terry Gross speak in person and just about peed my pants. :o) You are a cool lady for sure!

Rosemary is my hero :) SO strong and inspirational. She's committed, friendly and incredibly interesting! xo

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