PRE-SUMMER LITHE "10" 30 May 2012

Lithe "10"

Here's to achieving your best you right before Summer.  Our "10" is back! Due to a lack of studio space, our "10" program has been MIA for over a year and now we're adding in a Lithe Foods component to really give you the results you're looking for (read our philosophy).

Hear this often?:  "Tired of making excuses?" or, "Ready to lose the last 10 lbs for good?" I've always said that hard work in the studio really pays off and diet is 85%.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, weight loss claims are meaningless.  We all know that it's the ingredients that count the most. Our program truly has both. 

How do you know if the Lithe "10" is for you?  Do you need a kick-start?  Have you been in a bad food, no Lithe state of mind?  Are you looking for a total lifestyle change?  Have you been disorderly eating?  Do you need a little extra help?  Do you want to become stronger?  If you're ready to clean up your act, get conscious and back on track right before the heat of summer, we're here to help.  During our last June "10," 11 women lost over 65 inches, 65 lbs and gained a whole lot more.

Our Lithe "10" is a one-month, ten (75 minute per class) class Lithe program capped at 12 people taught by Lithe Founder, Lauren Boggi Goldenberg and a few other select Lithe Instructors. We're holding our June "10" at Lithe Old City on Monday's, Wednesday's and two Saturday's beginning on June 18th. 

Our program is complete with one, three-day Lithe Foods detox plan ($225 value) beginning on Tuesday, June 19th and a fantastic, flab-fighting Lithe meal plan for you to do at home for the remainder of the month.

Confused?  Here's the breakdown:

- Lithe 10 is a series of 10 classes over 4 weeks, with a meal plan/nutrition element.  It consists of:

- 10 classes, all of which are 75 minutes long (instead of 60), taught by selected staff (Lauren & Elizabeth Howe are teaching the bulk of them but you may see Lithe vets, Tif and Bari as well).  These classes are specially designed for you.

- A three-day Lithe Foods Detox plan to kick off the program

- A Lithe meal plan/menu for the remainder of the 4 weeks (it's a 1,500-1,700 calorie a day written out menu designed by Lauren.  You purchase the ingredients and make meals at home for yourself).

- Ten 75 minute classes, 1 Lithe Detox Plan ($225) and 4 weeks of menus = $550.

Below are our set dates (much like the Immersion course).  Lithers must pre-pay/pre-enroll in the "10" by calling any Lithe Studio.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to use existing class cards/unlimited monthly or "drop in" to Lithe "10" classes at a class card rate.

Monday, June 18th  @6:45-8PM (& post-class meal plan pick up at 8PM)


Wednesday, June 20th  @6:45-8PM


Saturday, June 23rd  @11AM-12:15pm


Monday, June 25th  @6:45-8PM


Wednesday, June 27th  @6:45-8PM


Monday, July 3rd  @6:45-8PM


Thursday, July 5th  @6:45-8PM


Saturday, July 7th @11AM-12:15pm


Monday, July 9th  @6:45-8PM


Wednesday, July 11th  @6:45-8PM

Images of Lithe Instructors Amy Larkin & Anne Falasco via Dominic Episcopo


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So bummed! I'm going away 4th of July week. This looks great though and hope to do it next time.

I'm also SO disappointed! I've waited for 2 years to do this but won't be around the week of the 4th. :'( I'm sure the program will be completely amazing though, all the best wishes to the June 10 participants! Theresa, you and I should get together and do our own Lithe challenge! :)

I'm bummed I won't be able to do this. Here's hoping you do it again in August or September?!?

Amanda, that would be awesome! I'm in a rut but really want to get "summer ready" so I'd love a Lithe buddy! We could resolve to do five lithe workouts a week and figure out a good menu (incorporating lithe foods of course). :-). I'm game!

We're definitely planning to offer Lithe '10' more regularly again! We're really looking forward to incorporating Lithe Foods into the plan. Stay tuned for future dates.

Bummed that I will be away for two of those weekend, maybe this will motivate me to do a lithe detox and workout 5 days a week since I am going to miss it.

I am so sad I won't be around for 2 weeks in June but looking so forward to the next 10!!

So true about diet... What I weigh is pretty much all about what I put in my mouth but the shape of my body is 100% determined by how often I make it to Lithe. Thin isn't appealing if you have twig like arms and a no butt.

Theresa that would be great! I'm in the same boat you are and want to make the commitment to get my head on straight about things. Julia--are you interested too? I'll find you on FB. :) Yay!

Amanda, sounds good! I'm psyched!

Hey Amanda! Just sent you an email. :-)

Darn, I was so hoping to try the 10, but jumping it from $300 to $550 officially prices me out!

Any plans to offer the lower price point version? I just can't justify $550 for ten classes and three days of food. :-(

I would have to work for free ; ).

Any plans in the future of offering differnt times (morning and evening)?? I'm a nurse and work night shift and would love it if there were different time slots. Maybe go to a night class one night, and then a morning class another day. Which there was more flexibility with the "10" just like the Immersion....

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