LITHE KNOCK-OFF? 14 Jun 2012

Lauren in a Kick Out Full Back

Everyone has seen a "knock-off."  A knock-off is a conterfeit or imitation product or service that is offered for sale.  When you go to any major city, you can hit up the real Gucci or you can buy that fake Gucci. You know how special the real deal is.  With the fake, you no have idea where it was made, or who it was stolen from, how the workers were treated, how safe the fabric is and how long that fabulously faux leather strap is going to last. 

Just like Lithe.  Anyone who has delved into our workout, is living our lifestyle, or has ever visited any of our studios here in Philly knows how unique we are, how much love, blood, sweat and tears over the course of almost seven years that myself and many other dedicated individuals have put into this company.  More importantly, is how much time, energy and money we've put into protecting it; Lithe is intellectual Property.

Sadly, some unethical people are not just inspired by Lithe (anyone who knows me knows that I love inspiring people), they are trying to take Lithe's concepts and turn a profit from it. You may see a Lithe knock-off winning an innovative workout "Best of" Award in another city, a copycat business dress, products, and even a food line pretty similar to ours.

Will we stand for it?  No way.  The theft of ideas and the sale of counterfeit goods suppresses innovation and destroys jobs. We will continue to rise above, but just remember, these people have not been trained by me, and currently, there are no Lithe licenses or franchises in the US.  Just like a Gucci knock-off, it's still a knock-off.  And, there's nothing as authentic as the real thing, or as loyal as our amazing community.  So, Lithers and those of you who are Lithing from afar, look for the Lithe label and beware of imitations!  

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First thing I thought of when I read this is imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Too bad no one will ever be as great as the real Lithe!

When I first started Lithing last year, I was telling a friend about it who was convinced that she knew someone who took it in California. I tried to tell her that Lithe only exists in Philadelphia...but she wouldn't believe me. Sounds like she was thinking of one of the knockoffs...so I guess that goes to show how similar these knockoff programs are (or try to be).

Try as they may, they will never come close. This time, hating the haters.

Absolutely! You would be amazed how many people call our Philadelphia studios and tell us that they've taken a Lithe class in NYC, LA, etc. When we explain to them that it's not Lithe, they fight us tooth and nail. It's confusion in the marketplace. Buyers beware!

I can't wait for you to get to New York and you blow the wanna-be's out of the water. Anyone can hang bands from a ceiling and call it a "method.". But they don't have the huge array of classes Lithe offers and Thank Goodness Lithe has never done anything as pretentious as required people be "pre-approved" before joining your community. As much as I love the bands, the CCS-sequences, the FOSW routines, etc., the best part of Lithe is the community: the amazing instructors and fabulous Lithers that are always so friendly and kind, regardless of fitness level.. And THAT you can't counterfeit.

Theresa, I agree with you about the "pre-approved" marketing ploy that many fitness studios engage in. Nah, we would never do that. It's just downright wrong, in my opinion. At the heart of the matter, though, people in other cities should know that these studios have not been trained by me, they aren't licensed Lithe Studios, or Lithe franchises. They are just knock-offs.

The proof is in the pudding....Or rather the proof is in the ever expanding community of Lithers that are totally hooked on the method because it brings unparalleled results and an awesome camaraderie. I completely agree with Theresa that it is the community that makes it really special. What you've done is truly different, you should be proud!

I feel your pain... as a photographer I face it daily and finally went ahead and made my business name "moments caught Photography" a registered trademark so at least my name couldn't be taken. It comes down to the knowledge that to a certain extent people are buying "you" and nobody else can be you. Lithe is infused with Lauren from the look of the studio to the soundtrack you play to the employees you hire and most specifically the exercise program and try as they might - you can't duplicate authenticity.

Thank you, Sandy and Amanda! Sandy, I know how tough photography can be.

Hi Lauren,

If you ever need to take legal action against one of the copycats, feel free to give my contact information to your attorney. I work as a survey expert conducting intellectual property surveys for just these types of cases (surveys are typically one form of evidence that the courts consider when deciding whether confusion exists). And you're probably doing this already, but be sure to get the names and phone numbers of any women who contact you thinking that they have taken Lithe classes in another city. You could potentially have them submit declarations as examples of actual confusion.

BTW, I took my first class with you on Wednesday (Tight End at Rittenhouse). It was fantastic!

Thank you, Melissa! Great advice.

Find the places and then run FB ads targeted at their fans on FB. You can do the same with google ads- both online and via email targeted ads. I think a lot of people would be really upset.

Let me know if you ever need organizing/campaign help in the cities. I'm happy to help keep out the fake lithes.

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