Remember our Fall and Spring Challenges?  This year, we're bringing you a Summertime Challenge!  We know everyone is busy with vacations, weddings and the fourth of July, so we've made it accessible to everyone by making it 6 weeks! And you have two options:


- Five classes per week, for six weeks (total: 30 classes).  At least 3 of those must be an outdoor class.



- 36 classes total, at least three of which must be an outdoor class

Instead of trying to get in one outdoor class per week, we're only requiring you to take a minimum of three Hot-stepper or Walk-Star classes throughout the challenge (FYI: We'll be adding a few more outdoor classes to the schedules this week).  Good Luck everyone!

Are you in?  Please email info@lithemethod.com by 6/15 and let us know if you are participating and which option you'd like to attempt.

**Correction to the above image:  The dates of the Challenge are 6/18 to 7/29 (six weeks).

Images of Lithe Instructors, Kelly Wong, Shannon Graham, Brooke Holloway & Kim Sauer wearing Lithe Wear via Dom



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Do either options allow for taking two classes in one day, or is it a hard one-per-day limit? I'm thinking along the lines of Rare Form and a CCS class in one day...

Is it possible for the July and August class schedules to be posted beforehand so that we can see if we can even make 5 classes/wk? I would love to take more classes and commit to this challenge, but as of now, my schedule only allows me to take 2/wk.

So the 36 class challenge is 6 classes a week and the 30 class challenge is 5 classes a week? Do you know the dates of the 6 weeks yet? Looks like you have to be in town for the whole 6 weeks to complete the challenge.

Hi...I've never done Lithe and this looks like a fun way to start but I do have a question. August 2 is a Thursday...so that means if you go with the 30 class challenge, that last week is essentially out, correct? You would have to get 5 classes per week in the first 6 weeks because there aren't enough days that last week to finish. Am I looking at this correctly?

Gina: 2 in a day will count towards the total for the Challenge, but if you have a Monthly 1-a-day you will have to pay for the 2nd class separately. And you have the right idea - if you are doubling up, you'll want to make sure you pick classes that are very different!

Sharon: The July/August schedules aren't ready yet, but you shouldn't see MAJOR changes in terms of class times.

Rosemary: the 2 options allow for some minor vacation time away, but you will need to be around for the majority of the time to meet the requirements.

Jane: You caught us! Apparently we aren't very good at counting and reading calendars. The correct dates are: Monday, June 18th - Sunday, July 29th, The weeks run Monday - Sunday; for Option A it is a hard 5 classes per week for the full 6 weeks. For Option B, it's 36 classes over 6 weeks - which evens out to 6 per week, but you can do 5 some weeks/7 others, etc.

Hey Lithe!

When are the Lithe Letters due by?

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