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If there is one thing I’ve come to accept about myself is that I’m obsessive. And not obsessive in the way that people say they are in job interviews i.e., “I’m super obsessed over details and making sure everything is done perfectly and on time.” No. I become obsessed over things like crushed black pepper. One day, I will wake up and have a fantastic egg which happens to have a little crushed black pepper sprinkled on top. I will then be convinced that the pepper is the thing that made my egg so fantastic, which inturn makes me want to recreate that fantastic egg experience with every other food item I come in contact with for the next 6-8 weeks. I want crushed black pepper on everything. I even purchase a mortar and pestle to crush my own black peppercorns because you know...that is what you do when you love crushed black pepper. You up the ante. Self crushed. Black pepper. Think about it.

And when I become obsessed with something, it’s not enough to just be my obsession. Oh no. Everyone needs to be obsessed too. I need to sing the gospel of my new obsession to anyone who happens to cross my path. Have you TRIED this stuff?? It’s amazing! It’s incredible! It’s LITERALLY changed my life. What’s that you ask? Yes, I’m talking about PEPPER! No, but wait. Please don’t walk away! I crushed this myself!

Right now, for example, I’m obsessed with the show Girls on HBO. If you don’t have HBO, and you are a girl...find another girl that has HBO, and watch it. See, there I go again. I can’t just say, I like the show Girls. I have to make you watch Girls too! (Seriously though, watch it, and when you come to episode 9 when Hannah and Marnie have that giant fight, find me in class because I want to discuss.) Among many things, it’s about girls and their obsessions. With men. With their bodies. With their friends. With their insecurities. With their lives basically. So not surprisingly, it appeals to me.

And even less surprising than loving a show about a bunch of neurotic, self-obsessed girls is that recently, a close friend of mine had an intervention with me regarding my Lithe obsession. Because unlike most things I become obsessed with, like white toenail polish or books about urban gardening (I don’t even have an urban garden), my Lithe obsession hasn’t gone away. Unlike my other workout phases, I haven’t quit and moved on to the next thing. If anything, I’ve become more dedicated (read: obsessed) as time has gone on. And understandably, this behavior is disconcerting for my friend who’s never seen me like this.

I venture to guess that I’m not the only Lither this has happened to. It’s no secret that many refer to Lithe as a cult. A place where women voluntarily subject themselves to a killer workout day after day with fierce loyalty. This is cause for concern for some friends and loved ones of Lithers. (Although, when a group of men go to the gym everyday and lift giant weights and make loud grunting noises while doing so, no one thinks they are brainwashed. I’m just sayin.)

At the heart of it however, my friend was not wrong. There is something about Lithe that is addictive. I do obsess over which classes I’m going to take. I do talk with my girlfriends who also Lithe about which classes they are taking. Who’s teaching? Are they going? Have they taken it? Should I wake up early and Lithe before work? Should I go to the 5:15 or the 5:45? It’s never ending. And then when I’m done, I’m texting with my girlfriends and we commiserate about the bands or our soreness. My friend was basing her concerns on the reality of my daily Lithe rituals, and was not too far off. In fact, she had me wondering if I did indeed need a dose of Lithe Methodone.

I started to really think about what it is about Lithe that has me so entranced. What I knew for sure (to quote my dearly departed from daytime TV, Oprah) is that my Lithe obsession didn’t equal body obsession or weight obsession in the way I think ultimately my friend was worried about. Of course, being fit and losing weight and being stronger is a massive part of the appeal, but there was something else and I just couldn’t explain it, which made me realize that perhaps I myself didn’t really know.

So I slept on it. As I do with many things that I can’t decide on right away. And when I woke up in the morning, it was clear. I am obsessed with Lithe because I’m not obsessed with Lithe...at least not in my usual way of being obsessed with things. (Follow me?) I’m actually dedicated to it. When I started this process, I took stock of many of the things that I have started and quit in my life. And on that day, I finally made a decision to really commit to something. And so far, I’ve done it. I think it could have been anything. French classes. Knitting. Baking. Anything. And for lots of people, it is. But that day, for me, Lithe seemed like the best fit. And as a result, for the first time, maybe ever, I am disciplined about something. And discipline has never come easily to me, so it feels good. I don’t want to quit, and I think, for me at least, that’s what is at the heart of why I heart Lithe. For some of us, it’s the community, the supportive instructors, the new bodies (major bonus to be sure), but for me it’s because it’s not the next crushed black pepper. Not so far. And that’s big.

See you in class!

Image of Lithe Instructor, Melissa Weinberg in Thinny's glute sequence via Lauren


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Beautiful! And of all there is to be "obsessive" about, coulld there be anything better than devoting yourself to taking care of you?

Sayeh, I LOVE this post! Perfectly said! Good job comparing male/female workout rituals. So very true.

I'm also totally obsessed with Lithe (can you only imagine?) that I often wonder the same thing. It's difficult to explain. Why do we love it so much? Endorphins? Results? Fun factor? Community? I recently asked Jordan the same thing. I should write a follow up post from the most lithe-obsessed person in the world, yours truly : )

I love everything you write, Sayeh!I always check your Living Lithe posts before trying a new class, so I know exactly what to expect, right down to sweat factor!

I completely agree with your assertion that when you're obsessed with something, everyone else NEEDS to be obsessed with it too--LOL. I do that all the time. People smile and nod along but are probably thinking, "OMG, would you just shut up about________ already?" And then they try it and are hooked. So really, I see nothing wrong with it.

I wish I had girlfriends who lithe! I have one, in DC, who introduced me but she only lithes every few months.

About Girls, OMG I cried when they had the fight, I've been there and done that, might be the end of their friendship. I am also obsessed with the show, reminds me of the mess I was at 24 and makes me thankful to be in my thirties.

Well said, Deborah! Lauren, I can't imagine how obsessed you are. Would love to see that post! So glad you enjoy my column, Alison! Sounds like we are birds of a feather! And Julia, I watched that fight scene twice. Also felt emotional and laughed during it. Have SO been there. Best show. And yes, thank god for the 30s!

Fabulous post, as usual, Sayeh! I couldn't agree more. Over a year and half later, and I still want to talk about every class I take before, during and after, and then later too. See you in class!

has anyone ever shown your boyfriend/husband/partner a dance-cheer series while he just stared at you, occasionally blinking, with a blank look on their face? or is that just me?

Wow, I couldn't have written this better myself! I feel like the next time someone gives me a blank stare when I gush about how much I love Lithe I will just direct them to this post. I am so glad to have found this community and I am hoping to make some friends who I can share it with.

Keep up the great posts Sayeh, I look forward to them!

Julia--omg YES! Sometimes he looks mildly impressed that I've learned a long-ish "dance," but he doesn't really get it. I get similar reactions from my male coworkers.

I couldn't have said it any better myself. I have become Lithe-obsessed in a month since the studio opened on the Mainline. I always wonder if I am the only one, when I clear out the refrigerator for the Lithe Lattes or Sangrias. I am always looking forward to the next class and what I am going to learn next. It has allowed me to let go of my unhealthy obsession regarding my weight and made me happily focus on how strong I am getting and how much I enjoy each and every class - even when the 30th curtesy seems so far away. I will happily drink the Kool-Aid (Sangria) and shed my Nikes everyday.

I admit it, I'm obsessed too although a new Lither (4 101's and a thinny class in 3 weeks and going strong). I too have the tendency to want to shout my newfound obsessions to anyone who will listen and I'm wondering if maybe that is a common personality type of a "lithe addict"? For me (because lets face it I still totally suck at the classes) I'm addicted to the feeling I get after every class. I turned 46 last week and intend to fight growing older every step of the way (none of this embracing it stuff for me). Even though I'm new to Lithe and truly really bad at it so far, when I leave I feel like there is nothing I can't do. You really can't put a price tag on that feeling! PS. I love the show "girls" also (it's on demand for anyone who needs to catch up).

Nisha, I love to hear it! See you on Monday night. Sandy, I met you today. So glad you're loving it! Great job in Thinny : )

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