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lithe foods
Lithe Foods

We're pretty proud of this write up!  Thanks Jolene! 

Image via Stuart Goldenberg

ME ON MONDAY (ONE!). 30 Jul 2012


I can't believe that it has been a year!  My sweet little man turned one today and we celebrated his first birthday with family tonight at our place.  Mars got his first taste of chocolate AND vanilla birthday cake, and his favorite gift was his Let's Rock Elmo.  I'm still on island time, but I have a vacation addition of Me on Monday coming your way later this week.  See you all in the studio!

Images of Lauren & Mars via Jordan



Happy Friday!  This week we're giving away a Five class package and one day of Liquid Lithe ($137 value)!  For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" and then leave a comment at the post.  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Monday!  Good luck!

Image of Lithe Instructor, Kelly Wong wearing Lithe Wear via Dom

BODY BOOSTERS! 26 Jul 2012

Body Boosters

You can now reserve for Body Boosters (Lithe's unique massage/bodywork) with Lithe Instructor, and Certified Massage Therapist,  Tiffany Nork at Lithe Old City!

There's nothing like bodywork from someone who really knows your workout.  Have you been Lithing 3-7 times a week?  Can't slide your shoulders down?  Recently, a particularly oh-so-stressed Lither was so knotted up that her shoulders were literally up to her ears (even at the barre).  After two, half hour BB sessions with Tif, she not only looked and felt 100% better, she had sore abs post-class!  If your body is housing unnecessary tension in one area (shoulders, low back, neck, deep core muscles, feet, hamstrings, hip flexors, lumbar or psoas) those tight areas will actually compensate for the areas that we should be working.

Our Body Boosters are so much more than a massage, and the results last for weeks. Tiffany will manually stretch and loosen your fascia (the membranes that surround muscles) Translation: She'll bull doze knots, tight spots and toxic soreness in your overlooked connective tissue so that your muscles can contract without grinding against each other. 

What's a Body Booster?: Lithe-focused massage/bodywork sessions with Lithe Instructor, Tiffany Nork

Tiffany’s background: Tiffany Nork is a veteran Lithe Instructor and Massage Therapist. Tif graduated from the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia with an NCTMB Certification.  She has worked for Lithe, Lithe Escape, at a local Spa, and for her own business (On the Spot Wellness), and is now bringing her amazing massage and bodywork expertise to Lithe Old City.

Where: In our beautiful new office space (we have a separate bodywork room) at the Old City Studio (219 Cuthbert St, 4th Fl)

When:  Saturday 1pm-5pm, Wednesday 12pm-5pm, Thursday 3pm-8pm

Who can schedule an appointment: Anyone!  

How can you schedule: Via phone (or in person) at any of the studios.  At least for the time being, on-line scheduling is not available.

Package options:

One 30 Minute Body Booster: $50 (3 month expiration)

One 60 Minute Body Booster: $90 (3 month expiration)

One 90 Minute Body Booster: $130 (3 month expiration)

5-Pack of 60 Minute Body Boosters: $400 (6 month expiration)

10-Pack of 60 Minute Body Boosters: $750 (1 year expiration)

Payment must be made at time of reservation

Cancellation Policy:  We request 24 hrs; You will be charged if appointment is cancelled less than 6 hours prior to appointment. 


Love letters

Hi Lauren,

I’ve been thinking about writing this love letter / thank you note for a long time. I’m a graduate student in neuroscience (fancy, huh?) at Penn and I’ve had the hardest year of my life until a few weeks ago. I had to go through the most academically challenging year as well as some personal problems that resulted in me trying to escape going home and being angry/upset/frustrated with life for a long time. I started realizing that this feeling was even affecting my relationship with my boyfriend and I was escaping everything and everyone, shutting myself off to the rest of the world.

That’s exactly when I decided to seriously stick with Lithe that I had been going to on-and-off for 3 months. Regardless of how busy I was or how angry at life I felt, I told myself that I was trying to go to Lithe at least 3 times a week. The first month was probably the hardest, trying to juggle all the craziness in my life and holding my promise to myself. As soon as I started seeing physical and more importantly “mental” changes in myself, I held on to Lithe tighter and did not care even when I needed a cushion to sit on a chair because my butt hurt so bad or could not lift my arm high enough to grab something J So long story short, a few weeks ago I passed my exam and I’m now a Ph.D candidate. During my exam, my committee told me that I looked confident and no way near nervous. I owe it to Lithe because it taught me to be strong and self-confident. I’m still holding my promise and lithing at least 3 times a week. It’s made me a better person and for that I thank you!




Our grab-and-go vegan burrito is designed to leave you feeling satisfied and ready to face your day (no matter what time of day it may be!)  It’s filled with sugar-regulating black beans, protein-packed tofu, and anti-inflammatory turmeric. And, you’d never guess that there aren’t any eggs or cheese in it.  Make sure to dip it in the Salsa for extra-tasty goodness!

Ingredients:  tofu, whole wheat wrap, tomato, onion, soy milk, vegan cheese, black beans, bell pepper, scallions, extra virgin olive oil, cilantro, jalapeño, lemon juice, mustard, turmeric, garlic powder, chili powder, tamari, agave, hot sauce, salt, pepper  Best:  WARM or COLD  Price:  $8.00


BAKED BEETS. 24 Jul 2012


So simple and SO delicious.  Wrap your freshly-washed, unpeeled beets in foil and add a little olive oil (or butter, like my husband does) and "bake" them in the oven for a healthy side-dish. 

Image via Lauren



Tweet with us and win!  Here's what you have to do:

Start following http://twitter.com/lithemethod if you're not doing so already, then RT “I have Lithe Endvy, do you? @lithemethod “  for a chance to win a pair of #LitherWear 30 Reps Leggings!

We'll announce the winner on the @lithemethod Twitter page. Remember, all entries must be received by 11:59 pm/et on 7/24/2012. Limit one entry per day per person/twitter address.  Check out the rules here. 

Image of Lithe Instructor, Cheri Tolin wearing 30 Reps Leggings via Dom




Right now I'm away doing my favorite thing with some of my favorite people in my favorite part of the world.  I'm sailing the BVI's with friends and family (minus Mars).  I'll be back this weekend and I'll have pictures and stories to share on Monday.  I'll be totally unplugged and off the grid, but I've blogged ahead for you all.  Keep Lithing (I'll be)!

Image of a postcard from a few weeks ago sent to my Brother In-Law, Stuart Goldenberg from my uncle, Dennis Boggi (our Captain)

GET LITHE! 20 Jul 2012


We currently have a few spots open in our August Immersion courses:

Rittenhouse:  Monday & Wednesday (begins on Monday), 8.6.12 at 8:15PM

Main Line:  Tuesday & Thursday (begins on Tuesday), 8.7.12 at 8:00PM

Old City:  Tuesday & Thursday (begins on Tuesday), 8.7.12 at 7:00PM 

If our three week Immersion course doesn't work for you, you can opt to take  Lithe 101 classes. Call 215-545-5144 (Rittenhouse) or 215-625-4919 (Old City) or 484-416-3323 (Main Line)

Image of Lithe Instructor, Cori Tillman in Thigh High via Dominic Episcopo

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