Hi Lauren,

I Lithe about 5 - 6 times a week, and have been since April. My body has completely changed in all kinds of ways I never thought possible, and I'm in better shape than ever. I do a pretty good mix of band, barre, cardio, and sculpting classes. However, on my recent vacation my boyfriend and I went for a run on flat terrain and I could barely keep up. I literally had trouble running for longer than a minute at a time. Is this common? Is there something wrong with me? Should I be adding a couple of runs in addition to my Lithe schedule? I have never been able to run easily, especially not outside. I'm the opposite of athletic, so it's always been a challenge.

Any advice you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks!  M 

Hi M! 

Yes, this can be a common experience if you don't run regularly.  Most runners who come to Lithe feel really weak when Lithing, but over time, they also always say that Lithe has made them a stronger, faster runner. In a nutshell, you're Lithe-strong, but you're not running-strong simply because Lithe is not running.  

Comparing Lithe to running is like comparing Lithe to Yoga. They are two very different animals!  Regarding movement and the way that the body responds cardiovascularly, running is like highway driving and Lithing is like city driving. Lithing is actually more difficult for the body to do, but there are also so many variables that we really don't know about that day that you went for a test drive. Like our band classes.  Are you taking Waspie and Split or Higher Power and Pom?  How fast was your boyfriend running?  Was it really hot that day? 

Nope, there's nothing wrong with you, but if you feel like you are missing something, you would only need to supplement with one 30-40 minute run a week or a Hot-stepper.  I hope this helps!

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I also had the same experience and I am a runner! Thanks for the post.

Lithe cardio is just short bursts of activity so it makes sense why running long distances wouldn't go so well. You gotta work up to it, as with any kind of exercise.

Oh a side note...Lithe is great for those who simply can't run. I can't run any more because I get intense knee pain, but for some reason I can Lithe without any pain. I'm so thankful for it for that reason!

When I started Lithe a few months ago and was really getting my "money's worth" with the unlimited new Lither month, I slacked off on my primary cardio, Zumba. Then when I got back to class regularly, while I looked good in the studio mirror from Lithe, I really noticed a drop in my cardio fitness. That reminded me that it's important to keep your work out varied and to get a mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility training in.

I agree that running is a different kind of fitness, but can be complementary to Lithing. Running, like Lithe, takes a number of weeks, even months, to build up a good base. After detesting distance running for the majority of my life (but I've always been active, I played sports in high school and college), I took it up after having my second baby. It took me about six weeks of running 2-3 miles a day before I actually started to enjoy it, but now I adore it and it's a regular part of my weekly fitness routine (I do 5-7 mile runs 2-3 times a week and Lithe 2-3 times a week. If you take up running, it will provide you with more variety in your fitness routine, and it will definitely build up your endurance for some of the more cardio-intense Lithe classes like High Mini (one of my faves!).

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