Love letters
Dear Lithe,

When I turned 37 last November, I knew it was time to make a serious lifestyle change and try something new. It became apparent that my half-hearted attempts at the gym and sporadic running habits were simply not going to cut it. When I first heard about Lithe Method and took my first Lithe 101 class, I knew I had found something extraordinary. I initially chose Lithe because I wanted to change my body. After three months, I can truly say that Lithe has lived up to its promise. What I didn’t expect was the how much Lithe Method would change my life.

Being a newbie, I decided to do the Summer Challenge as a way to establish a consistent routine. Now that I have incorporated Lithe into my schedule, my classes have become as much a part of my day as brushing my teeth. While I do allow myself one day off per week, I always get the feeling that something is missing. My dedication to my workout became so intense that nothing could stand in the way of me getting to class on time. For example, I had a minor scooter accident (yes, I ride a scooter) on the way to my 6 am Walk Star class. I was fine, but the front fender of my scooter fell off. Once my brain was able to process what had happened, I simply picked up the broken front fender and continued on to the Old City studio while squeezing what was left of the fender between my knees.  For what it’s worth, I made it to class just in time.

The “Lithe effect” has taken me far beyond the workout routine. I spend more time than I probably should reading the blog and checking my waitlist. In order to make my husband more comfortable with the cost, I started to bring lunch to work, cut down on the take-out, and gave up my daily Starbucks habit. As a result, I not only save money, but I eat healthier. I even saved the “eating Lithe shopping list” to my phone and I use it regularly.

Because of my new healthy lifestyle, I am much more comfortable with my body – I even bought a pair of shorts for the first time in five years. All of these changes have made me a happier and healthier person, and I am truly thankful. In short, Lithe has changed my life because it changed the way I live.

Thank you,



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So true! Once I got into it, I couldn't stop. I try to go every day and get pretty cranky when I miss a day. A day doesn't feel complete without Lithe.

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