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Lithe Instructors

Lithe Studios is searching for Main Line Instructors!  Become part of a unique, innovative workout and a growing team leading the industry in health and fitness.  We're looking for spirited, outgoing women with proficient dance, cheerleading and/or fitness background. 

When/Where: Saturday, October 27th, 2012 1:30-3:30PM @ Lithe Main Line, 393 W. Lancaster Ave
Haverford, PA 19041

Please wear fitted clothing, bring water and be prepared to Lithe and have fun!  Please email your head-shot (any picture will do) and current work resume to Melissa@lithemethod.com.  

Images of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg, Lithers, Lithe Instructors, Lithe Foods & Lithe Wear via Dominic Episcopo, Vogue Magazine, Lucky Magazine,  Nic D'Amico, Stuart Goldenberg & Philadelphia Magazine.

LITHESTRONG! 28 Sep 2012


Lithe instructor, Tif Nork, credits all her hours in the studio for her ability to tote around a baby and push a stroller full of beach gear through the sand over the summer. Looks like a full body workout! Feeling Lithestrong in your daily life too? Email your pics and stories to blog@lithemethod.com to be the next featured on the blog! And tune in to fit.hip.healthy on Wednesday to read Sayeh's take on Tif's Bodyboosters!

Image of Lithe instructor, Tif Nork and son Tosh, at the beach via Pat Young


  Lithe 10Happy Friday!  This week we're giving away a spot in our fall Lithe "10"-perfect for a Lithe newbie or veteran ($550 value)! For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" and then leave a comment at the post.  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Monday!  Good luck! 

Images of Lithe Instructor, Amy Larkin via Dominic Episcopo.

WEIGHTLESS! 27 Sep 2012


Although I have something super special up my sleeve with Peeled (coming soon!), Weightless is my current favorite after all these months.  These lithers killed it with their strong, sassy moves in my Friday Weightless at Lithe Old City.  Three songs that got us through the CCS and push-up sequences:  Amame featuring Jei (Long Ass Mix), I'm a Fire (Solitare Club Mix) by Donna Summer & Joe Brunning's tribal Now Let Me See You Work

Images via Lauren


Lauren Boggi Goldenberg

Ahh, October is my most favorite month.  Everyone is back in town!  Lets welcome a new "cooler" season, a new closet, and fantastic new and updated older "classic" Lithe Method workouts. 

As always, we are all about getting you into your Skinny Jeans, lifting your Sweet Cheeks, and whitiling your Wings, but if you embrace our ever-changing schedule changes and trust my schedule programming you'll see major results.  Our ever-changing programming is what makes Lithe so unique and effective.

Our schedules change every 4 (sometimes 6-8) weeks so that you never stop seeing results.  All of our workouts are TOTAL BODY workouts with an emphasis on a certain body part/area.  Your Sweet Cheeks class turns into Wings so that you work those opposing muscle groups; everything that you were working in Sweet Cheeks becomes a stabilizer during Wings and THAT makes those cheeks work even harder (and become even sweeter) than if you were to continue taking Sweet Cheeks for 4 more weeks. I advise everyone to go with the flow...you'll achieve your best body yet! 

Lithing up a storm and feeling tight? Cooler weather will naturally make even the lithest muscles tighter. Try Melt or a Body Booster-Tif is excited to work out your kinks, and I'm thrilled to take your arms to the next level with the help of our upcoming class, Peeled!

Download Libertieswalk October

Download Rittenhouse October

Download Oldcity October

Download Mainline October

Image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg in Peeled (the 3rd workout in our "Wrap Star" series!) via Dom

TAMARI! 27 Sep 2012


Tamari is a word that makes plenty of appearances here on the blog, and an ingredient that we use in several of our Lithe Foods, but what is it exactly? It looks and tastes like soy sauce, so what's the distinction? Why use it instead of conventional soy sauce?

First, tamari is a type of soy sauce, but not all soy sauces are tamari. Soy sauce, invented in China around the 2nd century BCE, is made from 50% soybeans and 50% grain (typically wheat), brine, and other fermenting agents. Used as condiment to bring out the flavors in food (and probably as a way to stretch salt), it soon began to spread throughout Asia to Korea, Japan and beyond.

The Japanese name for this grain and soybean product, or soy sauce, is called shoyu. Tamari, on the other hand, was actually discovered as a byproduct of producing miso. Thick brown pools of the liquid would collect in casks of the fermenting soybean miso, and was considered a rare delicacy for centuries. Eventually producers learned to produce a liquid soy sauce very similar to the miso by-product using only soybeans, sea salt, water, and a fermenting agent. Making it a grain/wheat free alternative to traditional soy sauce or shoyu.

But be careful! There's a ton of confusion in the marketplace when it comes to the difference between shoyu and tamari. Some companies use the words interchangeably, so if you have a wheat allergy, be sure to double check the label of the "tamari" you're buying to make sure it's actually wheat free!

Some say finding a good soy sauce, tamari, or otherwise, is almost as difficult as discovering a good bottle of wine or excellent olive oil. The balance of complex flavors, salt, and its ability to harmonize with the foods its used in are all characteristics to look for if you really want to get into soy sauce--tamari--or otherwise!

If you're not up for that just yet, but would like a wheat free alternative to soy sauce, try your hand at this recipe, or try one of these Lithe Foods that contain tamari.

Lithe Ravioli w/ Spaghetti Squash (in our Fall/Winter Seasonal Detox Plan)

Sweet and Spicy Rice Bowl

Lithe Happier Meal

Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Breakfast Burrito


GET LITHE! 26 Sep 2012

Lauren & Danielle
Wanna learn how to Lithe? We have just a few spots left in our award-winning 3 week Immersion courses beginning in October:

Mondays & Wednesdays 8:15pm-9:15pm, beginning October 1st
Main Line
Tuesdays & Thursdays 8pm-9pm, beginning October 2nd
If our three week Immersion course doesn't work for you, you can opt to take  Lithe 101 classes. Call 215-545-5144 (Rittenhouse) or 215-625-4919 (Old City) or 484-416-3323 (Main Line)

 Image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg & Lithe Instructor, Danielle Ingerman wearing Lithe via Dom


This week's Lithe on Location comes from our very own Gerri Trooskin. While enjoying the last days of summer on her deck at the shore, she took some time to work on her tuck-squeeze.

Image of Lithe instructor, Gerri Trookin, in wide second via Joshua Mann


Sayeh's Living Lithe

Everybody knows that scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Ben Stein plays the part of the ineffective, monotone teacher that calls roll to a group of distracted and daydreaming kids and gets no response when he comes to Ferris's name, who's at home playing hooky. (Well at least I hope most people know that scene. Recently, I've found that there is a generation coming up right behind mine that often has no clue what I'm referencing when I talk movies. Think about it. There's an entire generation that has NO idea that Eddie Murphy was once funny. They never saw Raw or Delirious or Coming to America. They only know him as the guy from Norbit and The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Sad, right?)

In my own life, I often feel like I'm sitting in that classroom. Distracted, no longer by the hot guy in my 3rd period class, but by my to-do list and all of the things I'm juggling or worrying about in life instead (see blog about freaking out about female fertility). So, I often struggle to be present where I am. I will walk several blocks, and snap out of a strange haze to realize I've missed my turn, or even worse, that I've reached my destination and don't even really remember the walk. Sometimes I will eat a whole meal while chatting with friends or watching TV, and look down and realize it's almost gone and I didn't even really taste it.

This holds true in Lithe too. Sometimes I'll zone out during a long series at the barre (although sometimes that's a coping mechanism) and realize that I'm so lost in thought that my form is completely sloppy and in some extreme cases, I have just stopped moving altogether and am staring off to the side in the throes of some deep thought. Not good. (Also, I think it slightly terrifies the people sharing the barre with me.)

I try my hardest to focus and pump myself up for not letting my mind wander, but turns out, being present is tough stuff. Some studies blame technology. That all of the multitasking our brains have to accomplish--writing emails while constantly being interrupted by other emails, while receiving a text or remembering to respond to one, while being taunted by the little red Facebook notification that just can't wait until you finish something else you're working on. That it's all overloading our brains and making it harder for us to pay attention to the moment or task at hand.

But it seems like it's more than too. Recently, I was reading an Alice Waters cookbook and she was talking about preparing a salad, and how much she enjoys washing and preparing the lettuce. Like what? I HATE that about making a salad. This is why boxed lettuce is the best things since sliced bread. But then she kept explaining. She said she loves how meditative it is to pull the leaves apart and to hear the fresh, cracking sound they make. How fresh they smell. How cool the water feels on her hands and how satisfying it is to rinse each leaf clean of the dirt it has grown in.

That was such a revelation for me. Like, if you really take notice of what you're doing, instead of thinking of it as something you need to get through to get to the reward or the goal--in this case a salad smothered in Ranch dressing (sorry, Alice)--that everything can be an experience. That clearly I haven't been thinking of life as happening right now in this moment, but have instead been lost in thought about yesterday or tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a trip, or reliving a get together by looking at pics of it online. I've been acting as if my life happens at some other time--when I'm not typing at my desk or washing the dishes. 

So I've been trying it, being mindful that is, of what is happening in the present. During little things-- like washing my hands. I feel the water. I smell the soap. When I'm cooking. Instead of just wanting to get through it to get to the meal, I'm smelling the garlic and listening to the sounds of the knife as I chop through it. And it has been pretty cool. Not only is it keeping me from drifting away from the moment, but it's also helping me to enjoy the moment. Even in the mundane. I paid close attention to a turkey sandwich the other day, and it turns out...it was DELICIOUS.  Made me think we could all benefit from a little more mindfulness in our day, if not just for that. At the very least, it might help with our form!

See you in class!



JAIME POWERS! 25 Sep 2012


From: Riverton, NJ

Favorite City: Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA.  Fabulous food & wine, amazing art galleries and gorgeous costal atmosphere.  I have only been there once, but the visit was so magical I can’t wait to go back!

Enjoys: Summer & everything about it (HOT sunny days, the beach, flip-flops & sundresses).  Entertaining: baking, cooking, decorating, gardening...Martha Stewart is my idol!  Dessert!  I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!  I end every meal with a sweet bite, even breakfast!  Time with my friends, family & problem “child” Emily.  My cat, Emily, is on her 8th of 9 lives!  Life #5 was actually saved by a fellow Lither & best vet EVER!  Greenies …drink one every day.  Living and working in Center City (I walk everywhere!) …. & of course, LITHE!!

Favorite Lithe Exercise: Half Moons… so hard, require such concentration and core strength… someday I WILL get it right!

Favorite Lithe Workout: My favorite among favorites would have to be Waspie

Other job:  Registered Nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

How’d she land a spot on the Lithe Team:  Jaime loves Lithe, has amazing form, stamina and determination. I've had the opportunity to watch her transform her body and heal her back injury through her Lithe practice.  I know that she will inspire others with limitations and injuries to not give up and become as strong as they can be! 

What you wouldn’t know just by looking at her: Lithe has truly changed my life.  I injured my back while working at the hospital 11 years ago.  After medication and physical therapy I was left with chronic pain… every day… often requiring me to roll myself out of bed in the morning.  Two years ago, after an MRI, a neurosurgeon told me that the only thing that would help my three bulging discs (other than surgery) would be to get my core muscles seriously strong.  A co-worker told me about Lithe, I met Bari at my first Immersion class… and my healthy addiction began.  I am now pain free although you may catch me a little stiff on a rainy morning.  At the age of 37 my body & mind are healthier than ever… thank you Lithe!

Image of Lithe Instructor, Jaime Powers via Dom

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