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It looks like I'll be having hernia surgery in October, something that was a result of my two c-sections/pregnancies. The surgeon says no exercise for 6 weeks. Did you feel you got back into things quicker? I recovered from both c-sections in a snap, in part, because I went into them in top shape.

Any advice, insights or tips about getting back to lithe after surgery? Are there any classes you might recommend for me to ease into at 4 weeks? Of course, I'll consult my doctor on anything but I need "insider" lithe advice & encouragement.

Ugh, so sorry to hear about your hernia! I feel your pain. Just know that hernias are really common, and it will be long gone soon enough! I’m not sure how large your hernia was, but mine was BIG. It stretched from my pubic bone all the way up to my belly button. My gastroentologist (hernia surgeon) wanted to cut me vertically, which I refused, so I actually had two surgeons during the operation. The gastroentologist applied the mesh and a plastic surgeon sewed me up (horizontally) at my C-section scar. Both doctors also told me two very different healing/no-exercise time ranges. 

My hernia surgeon said that I would be back at full-force at 4-5 weeks and the plastic surgeon told me to wait 8-12 weeks.  Both doctors said that I could do cardio, but advised me to not do any direct "crunching" ab-work.  The plastic surgeon's fear was that I would blow out the mesh. I waited about 10 weeks and I’m so glad that I listened to him! I was feeling great at 4-6 weeks; I could run, do cardio at Lithe (even classes like Waspie were fine), but Push-ups, See-Saws, plank work and any abdominal work on the floor did NOT feel good. I would stay away from our AB focused classes during your 6 week healing period. I promise that you will not fall apart. 

I think that you'll be fine in Twiggy, Hot Legs, Waspie, Barlesque, Higher Power (except for the last 5 minutes of abs at the end), Skinny Mini (modify push ups, or rest in shell), Hipster, Wings, Sweet Cheeks, Hot-stepper, Walk-Star, Thigh High and Sleeveless.   I would stay away from:  A-List Abs, Cinch, Waist Not, Skinny Jeans, High Mini,  Fabu-Legs, Spirit, Thinny, Fat Free, Arm-istice and Action-Figure.  You’ll know what you can and can’t do for sure ; ) 

Image of retired Lithe Instructor, Anne Falasco, wearing Lithe via Dom


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Hey thanks Lauren for this posting!!! So great to have your guidance.

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