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Hi Lauren,

I have somewhat of an embarrassing question. Ever since I had my daughter 4 years ago, when I do jumping jacks in class I can't even get through a full set. I have this urge to urinate, even if I just recently used the restroom. It has improved a little over time, but it's still somewhat of an issue at times. Is this normal? Should I be doing exercises to strengthen those muscles (but I don't have this issue with running or other exercises). Or should I sub with a different exercise? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks! K

Hey K, it's actually really common. It happens to all of us who've had a baby! Rebounder classes or any lateral movement (like jumping jacks) will do it. It usually wont happen while running, since everything is kinda closed, momentum is low to the ground and you are traveling forward.

Here is a visual: When you do your ab work (especially method abs) or anything at lithe, think of incorporating your pelvic floor/PC muscles on that exhale. Imagine that there is an elevator sitting on the first floor right above your pubic bone. On the exhale, you want to pull it up/make it (the elevator) rise 3 floors to your navel. It will seem difficult at first but, within a few weeks, you won't even realize that those muscles are engaged and are a lot stronger!

If thinking of the elevator is just too much to think about while you are working out, just try to contract those vaginal muscles on the exhale...just like your holding the flow of urine.

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Great post! I used to ALWAYS take a bathroom break between the cardio portion of Spirit and the rebounder portion. Then I had a second baby and things shifted again (and I no longer need to rush to the bathroom). Amazing, right? Good luck.

here is a good link for kegel exercises! http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/kegel-exercises/WO00119

I haven't had a baby and I always get the urge after 1 set of jumping jacks but not on the rebounders strangely.

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