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Breathe! One of the defining characteristics of Lithe is the Lithe breath. It's usually the first thing you hear when you walk into (or outside of!) our studios--a group of women breathing in and exhaling forcefully in unison. But the exhale is about more than just producing the proper sound. Exhaling correctly fuels your workout, allows you to work from the core, and breeds life into your practice and your muscles. 

As I look around the studio, I'm noticing Lithers not breathing at all, tongues between teeth, the "CH" breath (characteristic of Ron Fletcher work), snake breathing ("sssssss") and other incorrect exhalations. Think about the fact that your abdominals attach at the ribcage.  Remember that when you breathe in, you want to inhale through the nose and  feel your ribcage expand laterally (out to the sides). When it's time to exhale, you want to blow air out of the mouth, through pursed lips, contracting the abs and knitting your ribs back together. 

This is important:  Make sure you exhale the air out of a small rounded opening of your mouth. Use the visual of blowing out through a straw. You will notice a massive difference in how it works your core, and you will get a ton more out of your time in the studio.

Image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg via Dom


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Hey Lauren, where is the red top you're wearing in this photo from? Dying to know!

Hi Abigail, it's from Lululemon : )

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