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I have a serious sweet tooth and this has been my seasonal saving grace!  This parfait is healthy, protein-rich, sweet and simple, yet tastes totally sinful.  Combine pumpkin butter (only 5 calories per tablespoon!), maple syrup and top with Greek yogurt.  Great for breakfast or dessert!

Image via Lauren


Body Boosters
Does the stress of the holidays already have your back in knots? Finding yourself rubbing your neck or holding on to your lower back? It's time for a Body Booster, and this holiday season if you buy one, you get one half-off to gift to a friend (or yourself)! Lithe instructor, Tif Nork, knows your workout and most importantly really knows the body. You will leave her care feeling stretched, loose and unwound.

The first appointment must be booked in December 2012, and the second must be redeemed before March 1, 2013. Want to know more, read Sayeh's Body Boosters review here


  Liquid Lithe

Happy Friday!  This week we're giving away 1 day of Liquid Lithe!  Perfect for resetting your eating habits post Thanksgiving ($42 value).  For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" and then leave a comment at the post.  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and announced on Monday!  Good luck!


  Trashin it

Get ready for an all new Lithe workout that incorporates these hot shorts (High Waisted!), and get excited to kick your practice, sweat, and detox factor up a notch with our Calorie Trashers!  Worn by dancers and cheerleaders, these allow you to sweat it out (without overheating) and stretch it out like never before.  Size S, M & L are available at every Lithe Rittenhouse, Old City & Main Line  $25

Image of Lithe Instructor, Melissa Weinberg via Lauren

EATING LITHE! 29 Nov 2012


In honor of this week's goal, kale is our ingredient of the week. It's an amazing leafy green, and one that I'm consistently singing the praises of here on the blog. It's always in my fridge, on my shopping list, in our Lithe Foods kitchen and in so many of my personal recipes--from quick weekday meals to morning smoothies.

Related to cabbage, kale is a leafy green that packs one of the best nutrient-rich punches for your buck. Low in calorie, high in fiber, and with zero fat, kale is a healthy addition to any dish to make it heartier and more filling. In addition kale is:

  • high in iron (per calorie kale has more iron than beef!)
  • high in vitamins K (cancer prevention, bone health), C (immune system), A (skin, vision)
  • high in calcium (bone health), (more calcuim than milk!)
  • high in antioxidants (carotenoids and flavonoids that help prevent cancer)
  • anti-inflammatory (helps arthritis, asthma and other inflammatory conditions)
  • detoxifying (high in fiber)

And in addition to all that, it also promotes cardio-vascular health. If you're not up to the task of washing and preparing kale during this busy holiday season, an easy way to incorporate it into your diet is in liquid (smoothie) form. The Lithe Greenie, Lithe Greenest, and Lithe Basic Green Smoothie all contain kale as a primary ingredient and taste delicious.  Looking for more? We have a few delicious new kale based juices and shakes in the works!


This week's Lithe on Location comes to us from instructor, Kelly Wong. Kelly and her husband were hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC when she stopped to do some seesaws, star jumps on Mount Pisgah, barre work at Looking Glass Falls and a little makeshift pommel horse action on a sign overhanging Buck Springs Gap (not exactly lithing, but super impressive!) Thanks for taking Lithe with you on location Kelly, and for sharing!

If you've been Lithing on location, send your pics to blog@lithemethod.com to be featured on the blog next!

Images of Lithe instructor, Kelly Wong, in Asheville NC via Michael Goldman


Word on the street is that Anthony Bourdain has been prowling around Philadelphia in search of good eats for his show The Layover--where he stops in various cities for 24-48 hours and eats and sees as much as he can. If you don't know who Anthony Bourdain is, stop everything and watch the Travel Channel On Demand and dig up old episodes of his other amazing show--No Reservations. In that one, he travels to far reaches of the globe--think Tanzania to Shanghai--and eats his way through cities with locals that share with him their homeland's culinary finest--from street vendors to 22 course chef's tastings. 

What makes Bourdain different than other travel writers and television show hosts is his attitude. It stinks. He is surly, jittery from tons of coffee--or perhaps from a night of drinking  moonshine made by a Thai man in a house on stilts. He hates everyone (especially Gwyneth Paltrow because she doesn't eat pork), and isn't afraid to say so. And while those qualities wouldn't typically recommend a person, they are what make Bourdain relatable and totally entertaining. It works because you know that despite his disdain for all things pop and bubblegum, he is probably a huge softy. How else can he break bread with so many different kinds of people the world over and make us all feel like we are sitting around the table with him?

So, you can imagine my sadness when recently the very last episode of No Reservations aired. No more watching him get his chest waxed in a Russian bath house while drinking vodka and crying into his caviar. No more of him getting really pissed at his producers for making him don roller skates for a Roller Derby match in L.A. when all he really wants to do is eat tacos. Wondering how exactly he would end the show, I watched with a mixture of anticipation and the blues. How would he leave things? What would be his parting words to us, his foodie audience that has come to revere him and envy his life?

In a word? Move.

He called us all to move. To get off the couch and to experience life. To travel. To meet people. To eat with them. To just..move.

After the uncertainty in my life these last months, I felt his advice to be profound. Because for me, I've been spending all this time trying to feel settled. Settled in my new home, in my new work--from home--and in my drastic change in lifestyle. I've been waiting for the moment where I wake up and say ah yes, I feel settled and comfortable in this situation forever. And while I've definitely acclimated, and am much more at ease than I was at the start, that moment hasn't come, and that's been worrisome. BUT when I really think about it, I didn't have that moment before in my old life either. I was always wondering what else? What next? Is this my life? Like, for always? Even in my happiest and most content moments.

For the longest time, this has bummed me out about myself. Why can't I be satisfied with the status quo? Why is it so hard to just be in the present moment without worrying about what it means for the future? I've just chalked it up to having a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Something from which I think many people in my generation suffer. We have so many options open to us that picking just one can feel like we might miss out on a whole slew of other life opportunities. (To be honest, I think the movie Sliding Doors really messed with my head. Damn you again, Gwyenth Paltrow!) Regardless,  I think I've been using this elusive settled feeling as the yardstick by which I measure my life choices. That I'll know I've made the right ones when I finally feel it.

But Bourdain's advice to move made me wonder if I've been chasing the wrong feeling. That perhaps for me, being settled means always keeping it moving. That meeting new people and living in different places and following my gut when it comes to my career--that all of it is part of what settles me. That despite not planting roots to one spot just yet (I've moved 16 times in 14 years), moving has made it possible for me to relate to so many different kinds of people and to share in their experiences and add them to my own.

Granted, as with most things, it's about balance. Moving 16 times in 14 years is moving. Literally. But it's not exactly fun and certainly not what I think Bourdain was talking about. It's about getting outside of your comfort zone--be that your couch or your cubicle or the circle of friends you've had since you were 5 and making a move. Doing something you're not used to doing. Saying yes to life, as it were. And ultimately, I do feel like that's what I've been trying to do, and that feels...well...settling.

Ultimately, I have to accept that it's my nature to wonder what else is out there and what I could be missing, and that like the Brooklyn roller coaster Bourdain so symbolically rides in the last scene of his last show, it's about the ride. Up. Down. Settled. Unsettled. It's all life and it's happening.

See you in class!


LITHE BOWL. {REPOST} 27 Nov 2012

Lithe Bowl
If you're attempting to achieve this week's goal, this is one of my favorite recipes for getting greens into my day. It's one of my standard 15 minute meals. It's truly unbelievable just how often I make it. Or some slight version of it. It's my Lithe bowl. It's an Asian-Italian dish and I just love it so much. There are so many variations that you can do, and I always have leftovers for lunch the next day. Grab your Wok or use a skillet. I don't measure anything with this one, so make it your own!


1 nest of Annie Chun's Mai Fun Brown Rice Noodles

Two 14 oz cans of Muir Glen fire roasted crushed tomatoes

A bunch of Rainbow Chard

1 package of House Foods (any brand will do) organic extra-firm tofu




2-3+ tablespoons sesame, peanut or olive oil

Brown your tofu and boil noodles separately.  Set aside.  Saute your greens with crushed tomatoes, oil, garlic, salt and pepper and then fold in tofu and noodles with greens and tomatoes.  When Jordan makes this for me, he browns the tofu in Shoyu or Teriyaki and that's really good, as well.

Lithe Bowl image via Lauren's Canon Rebel EOS


Undergrad monthly unlimited

Full-time Philadelphia undergrad?  Home from school?  Get your body movin' and take advantage of our monthly unlimited just for full-time undergrad students.  Lithe every weekday, during non-peak hours (classes starting between 8:30AM and 4:30PM), at any Lithe studio.  Stop by in-person with a valid up-to-date student ID and current class schedule. 

Image of Lithe Instructor, Danielle Ingerman wearing Lithe via Dom



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