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Full-time Philadelphia undergrad?  Home from school?  Get your body movin' and take advantage of our monthly unlimited just for full-time undergrad students.  Lithe every weekday, during non-peak hours (classes starting between 8:30AM and 4:30PM), at any Lithe studio.  Stop by in-person with a valid up-to-date student ID and current class schedule. 

Image of Lithe Instructor, Danielle Ingerman wearing Lithe via Dom


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ahh wish i was still in undergrad - grad school is even worse when budgeting money- hello medical school and 200,000 dollars of debt haha

Just sayin that I LOVE all the pics of Danielle! She looks like she's having a blast. I've found that one of the perks (maybe the only) of bouncing back from surgery is taking a bunch of 101s and hearing all the new instructors takes on the basics. I got Danielle's last night and she was awesome!

and yet, another reason why I wish I was back in college...

thanks MT! I couldn't stop giggling the entire shoot! It was great having you in class!!

wish you would do a teacher discount!

How long is this offer valid?

can you you extend this to unemployed lithers who also can make it to your daytime classes, we probably have less cash than college students (and will go back to regular unlimited as soon as we get jobs, promise!)

Hi Chessia, it's valid for as long as you are an undergrad student! Enjoy!

Is it going to be on-going or is it going to end at some point? Also can we purchase more than one in advance if it is going to end?

Hi Katie!

This package will be on-going and at this rate for Philadelphia studios only.

Hi Lauren,
My sister in law lives in NYC and I am trying to convince her to try Lithe when it opens. Will you have this rate for NYC as well? I really hope so. I am trying to convince my family members one at a time.

Hi Rachel! Unfort, this is a Philly only rate/deal. We will be opening our NYC studio with our standard 10% student discount. Hope to meet her someday!

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