Liquid Lithe Week!

It's almost 2013!  Get a fresh start on the new year with our Liquid Lithe.  From December 31st-January 4th, all studios will be stocked with our fresh, cold-pressed juices and smoothies.  We'll be running a Liquid Lithe Special:  Purchase 6 juices/smoothies for $35!

I've always said that our workouts truly demand more than juice.  So, while I don't think that juice fasts or cleanses should be an every day part of healthy, Lithe-friendly eating, I have personally benefited from a day or two of all (or nearly all) liquids. 

Follow the diagram above, or piece together your own Liquid Lithe.  Here are my three current favorite line-ups that all fall within the 1,200-1,560 calorie range (with an additional kale, or green salad added in) as example:

#1 ("breakfast"):  Lithe Latte
#2 ("morning boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#3 ("lunch"):  Basic Green Smoothie
#4 ("afternoon boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#5 ("dinner"):  Horchata + Green Salad
#6 ("dessert"):  Lithe Bunny Detox

Or, this:
#1 ("breakfast"):  Chai Tea Latte
#2 ("morning boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#3 ("lunch"):  Greenest Smoothie
#4 ("afternoon boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#5 ("dinner"):  Thinny Mint Shake  + Green Salad
#6 ("dessert"):  Apple & Ginger (BFF)

Or, this:
#1 ("breakfast"):  Greenest Smoothie
#2 ("morning boost"):  Greenie
#3 ("lunch"):  Basic Green Smoothie
#4 ("afternoon boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#5 ("dinner"):  Lithe Bunny Detox  + Green Salad
#6 ("dessert"):  Apple & Ginger (BFF)

Please keep in mind that our Lithe workouts are intense, and if you are going mostly green, or all liquid (or all juice), you can, and should drink plenty of water and add in additional detox friendly foods like: avocado, fruit, veggies, salad, clear soup and nuts like almonds to your day(s).  There is nothing wrong with supplementing!  Have any questions?  Email us at lithefoods@lithemethod.com


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