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Lauren Boggi Goldenberg
You've heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but have you realized that makes your eyebrows the drapes? If you're even a little bit into home design, you know the impact an amazing window treatment can have on a room. Smooth, sleek shades can modernize a space and add a touch of masculinity. Gauzy sheers can soften light and make a room feel ethereal. The same goes for your face!

Super thin eyebrows can make you look harsh and less friendly. Super round (half moon brows) can make you look like you're in a perpetual state of shock. Got tadpole eyebrows? (The kind that are super thick near the bridge of the nose and taper into a skinny tail.) They are probably drawing the focus away from your beautiful eyes. Super high, pointy arches? Your coworkers may think you're always mad about something.

As a child, I had brows like catepillars.  My mom never let me touch them (even through high school!). It was grounds for grounding.  I thank her now.  Many of us picked up a pair of tweezers in middle school and went to town with no idea what we were doing, and never looked back.  Some of us have over-plucked for so long that our brows will never fully grow in again. Never fear. All is not lost! Between (soft) eyebrow penciling (in the right shade) to fill in the gaps and the right brow shape for your face, you'll be looking your best in no time. Personally, I think eyebrows are best left to brow professionals (not your nail technician) who really devote themselves to finding the right shape for your face, not just cleaning up strays (which you can do between visits). A good brow can make you look years younger, friendlier and incredibly fresh!

If you're on a budget, and would rather do them yourself, here are a few tips from a celebrity brow guru. Regardless of which route you choose, allow your brows to grow in as much as you can before reshaping (a few weeks of looking a little unkempt will be worth the impact your new brows will have on your face.) Take a look at these before and afters! And a good rule of thumb to remember is: Super thin is not in. A fuller brow is sexier, more youthful and flattering.  Anyone have any great brow tips to share? 

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I love this post. My friends always joke with me about how obsessed I am with my brows. I am one of the lucky ones - super crazy caterpillar brows growing up led to really pretty thick brows as an adult! My suggestion is to not do them yourself. It is worth the $20 every couple weeks to get them done (just cut out Starbucks that week and there ya go!)

If anyone needs a suggestion on where to go, visit Emily at Art + Science in Manayunk. She's been doing my brows for years (except when I moved to NYC for a short time; I never found anyone there as good as her). She knows what she is doing and is amazingly sweet!

I am middle eastern and are therefore obsessed with eyebrows. I've struggled with people over-waxing, over-threading, giving me triangle arches (yes, this happened and Im pretty sure I cried), meanies who are rough, and finally(!), competent women who are honest and gentle and do a good job. Anju Threads on Walnut and 12th. They are great. I feel like my skin looks clearer after my eyebrows are shaped and my face just plain ol' looks better. And I agree with Christina- $20 every two weeks (only once a month for me) is worth every penny!

Lauren- who does yours? I'm still travelling back to Bethesda, MD every 6 weeks to see my brow specialist who has been doing mine for 12 years! I want someone in Philly (city please), and I know that good brows are worth paying for. I haven't gone anywhere in Philly because I'm scared they'll take my thick brows and thin them out. Thanks!

Ursula at Ursula's About Phace was given golden tweezers from god. She is passionately anti-over plucking, and she will give you her card and tell you to call her if you have the urge to pluck, like she's your brow sponsor hehe. A girlfriend of mine started going to her a few months ago, and I a bit later, and we will never, ever go to anyone else. She happens to have won Best Of Philly for 2012, and she is so sweet. Her services are not cheap, but for the difference it makes for your entire face, it is worth the price.

I love how eyebrows change the shape of your face. I am obsessed with mine and when I moved here to Philly from NYC eight years ago I researched like a fiend to find my eyebrow goddess. I faithfully trust my eyebrows to the artistic hands of Erika at Rescue, only two floors down in the RH building. She is fantastic and I don't trust that easily. Every 3-4 weeks she works magic.

My eyebrows drive me nuts because the ends are so thin and because I am a natural blonde, they are super light. I feel like in pictures they don't show up at all. I try not to do too much to them and fill them in with brow zings from benefit. I would love to find a longer wearing brow color though!

I've been going to Maria Gulraiz at Rescue Rittenhouse (conveniently located 2 floors down from the Lithe Rittenhouse studio). She does threading and also makeup (she did my engagement shoot makeup and did an amazing job - I would have considered flying her down to FL to do my wedding if it were cost efficient!). My brows have never looked better and I am a bit obsessed with my brows. I was born with super bushy eyebrows and have therefore spent the majority of my adult life getting waxed / threaded every other week.

Hey Lauren and Lithers,

Great post and agree with the whole eyebrow thing.
My mom has been doing my brows (and facials, hee hee) for over 20 years now. She has NEVER mis-tweezed, mis-waxed or mislead me in any way when it comes taking care of or treating my face.I get compliments on my brows and skin all the time :)

My mom recently moved to Philly from L.A. She's been an esthetician for over 20 years. She had a HUGE clientele when she lived there and even had Hollywood stars following her.
Since her move to Philly her clientele has been growing rapidly, yup, she's that good.
After reading your post I wanted to let you and others know that if you are looking for someone who knows how to do brows and who knows skin (it's her passion), my mom is one of the top.
She is currently working on her own Ayurvedic skin care line (so exited) and works at a spa in Philadelphia. She treats her clients in a spa atmosphere (her work) or in her own home.

Here's her info if you're interested:

Happy Friday,


I only will go to Kelley at Parlour Salon in Fishtown. She is absolutely amazing and pays attention to every detail. She also is a wonderful person and will quickly become your confidant! After I went to her for the first time a few years ago, I never went to anyone else except her!

Ursula!!! She is also my brow sponsor!

Hi all!

Miriam, I actually do my brows. Kelley at The Parlour is great (She is a friend of mine and has done my brows in the past) and I've heard good things about Maria at Rescue.

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