I've always said that it only takes six months to completely change your body.  This week, I challenge you to initiate real change: take your measurements, write down what you're eating, how your feeling and take a "before" picture.  Then, get ready for all this honesty to keep you committed and motivated!  Continue to Lithe and stay connected to FHH for recipes and motivation.  Reply to this post if you're in!  We'll be keeping track until July!

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I'm in! This is great motivation to start a wonderful, fit, hip, healthy journey into summer.

This came at the best time. I am about 4 weeks post partum and getting ready to get back into my Lithe routine. I've seen and felt the change with Lithe before, and am looking forward to getting back on track.

Which measurements do you typically advise taking?

Sign me up...let the countdown begin!

Oh I love this goal! I've been meaning to do a "before" picture and measurements (even though I've already started Lithing and improving my healthy habits). Better late than never though!

CH - the measurements I take are weight, chest, waist, hips, thigh, and bicep.

I'm ready! I have been tracking my progress since I started almost a year ago and have lost 8 inches already!

I'm in! Perfect timing for this.

YES, I need to push myself, I've been slowing down with cold weather. I am so in!

I'm in also, I love Lithe but have yet to be consistent with it! For thigh, chest, and hip measurements, how do you make sure you're measuring in the consistently same place every time?

I'm in -- and Lithe NYC cannot get here soon enough!

Good idea! A blog post on how to take measurements would be helpful to start!

I'm in! As a matter of fact, I just took my measurements last Friday. So ready for Lithe to continue transforming my body!

I'm in!

Im in.
Magic happened for me starting with my first class in May 2012-Nov2012. Seriously changed everything.
Im ready for round 2. Let's go!

I'm in! Been tracking photos and measurements since June of 2012. Ready to kick it in high gear again. Six months really can change you, especially in conjunction with Lithe and fit hip healthy lifestyle. Here we go for another 6 transformative months!

Hi all, I'll post all about measurements ASAP! Glad you are all game!

I totally agree about the measurements post! Also, I'd love to know about any mobile apps that Lithers are using to track their fitness, goals, etc. I love MyFitnessPal and Waterlogged but am always interested in new apps (I would especially love a MindBody app!).

I love this lithe goal, I'm in!
Sarah - check out fitbit one. The app that comes along with it is amazing!

I'm in. Like some others - lithe has completely changed my measurements but with lithe alone - yet to incorporate the healthy diet.

Definitely in and agree that this couldn't have come at a better time!! Winter has really got me down and this will help to stay motivated!

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