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INSTAGRAM ♥... 31 Jan 2013

Instagram ♥

Via Lithe NYC Instructor Heather L's Instagram feed

LOVE. 31 Jan 2013


Isabel Marant's casual-cool gold wedge sneaker, Anthropologie's Illusion end table, Josie Maran's Argan tinted moisturizer, Korres lip glaze in coral, Dom's Meat America book (on Kickstarter!), Julia's short cut, & Olo's argan hair oil hair tonic

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Lithe on Location

Lithe Instructor Melissa Weinberg was recently Lithing and swimming at sunset (Lithe Escape style!) on vacation in Turks and Caicos.  After doing push ups and see-saw, she kicked up into a handstand and a friend captured the moment.  Melissa, maybe I'll try your spin on our see-saw in Thinny!

Have you been Lithing on Location? Send us your pics to blog@lithemethod.com.

BURN! 30 Jan 2013

Calorie burn

For those of you who are trying to lose weight, wearing a heart rate monitor and keeping track of your numbers!   

SAYEH'S LIVING LITHE 101! 30 Jan 2013

living lithe

One of the best things about Lithe Method is that classes are always changing. Even a staple like Skinny Jeans is different depending on the instructor you take. The moment you think you’ve conquered as many classes as humanly possible, Lauren adds more. Enter Lithe Passport. I take every class Lithe offers and give you a little preview of what you can expect if you sign up. New reviews to look forward to? High Waisted, Rock Steady, Peeled, and Freestyle. But not today. Today I go easy. Today I review 101. It was my first class back after my epic fall off the wagon, and one that has changed since the last time I took it.

Lithe 101

What you need: Gloves
Props: 3lb weights, Every band (Thinny, Pom, Higher Power)
Clothing Considerations: Whatever you’re comfortable in
Sweat Factor: Light Sheen

We all know what 101 means. The basics. No matter what you want to learn, you usually start with 101. Wanna be a doctor? Biology 101 first. You’ll learn the parts of a cell--the building blocks of life. English teacher? English 101. Thesis statements, syntax...you get the idea. It’s no different for Lithe. It has its own vocabulary and structure. And if you don’t know the basics, you will find yourself feeling confused, uncoordinated and discouraged, if you plunge right in without a little background and practice. And since the goal is to not only get motivated to START working out (ahem, me), it’s also to STAY working out (shame wince).

The first Lithe class I ever took was High Mini (before Immersion was required and before 101 existed). I was the definition of a hot mess. My form--well there was no form to speak of. And when I realized we were doing 30 of everything, on BOTH SIDES, I almost passed out. The result? I was so sore that I had to crawl (no joke) up my steep stairs for a few days, and I didn’t go back to class again for a long time. Had I eased myself in, my entry would have been a little less traumatic, and I wouldn’t have felt so intimidated by the classes.

So as I sat with MindBody open on my computer for the first time in a couple of months, and stared at all the classes, I knew I didn’t want to do that to myself again. 101 jumped out at me as the perfect first class back after a hiatus. Back to basics like Ina Garten. Because although I know my Lithe vocabulary--the difference between neutral, imprint and tuck--I just wasn’t ready to jump right back into an insane calf-pumping sweat fest. The class started with brief background information about Lauren and the story of Lithe. One which, if you haven’t heard it, is really good to know. For me, it’s always easier to invest in something when I know where it came from and why. Then came the “six principles” of Lithe. Something I hadn’t heard before--at least not all together. Our instructor walked us through them--6 building blocks of the method--feet placement, spine alignment, shoulder placement and more--an organized list of all the cues I’ve heard for so many years. “Keep your shoulders away from your ears! Stay in one long line!”

It was the perfect refresher. I immediately remembered all the things I needed to keep in mind to get the most out of the workout. Then we dove in. The music was a little slower-paced, but the workout was still challenging. We did the standard ab-prep. Push-ups (if you can call what I did a push-up), see-saws, tricep dips...the works. Then up on your feet to go through each of the bands and do a series with each to familiarize or in my case reacquaint myself with each of the band. And to cap it off, some cardio cheer sequences. The dancey cheer choreography that pops up in many of the higher energy cardio classes. Sequences that can leave you feeling uncoordinated and lost, if you jump right in at full speed with girls that have been doing them for months. 101 was the perfect opportunity to remember and practice at a slower pace.

The best part about 101? It made me realize that yes, I’m rusty. Yes, the 3lb weights feel like small anvils. BUT I wasn’t as in bad of shape as I thought. I was keeping up fine and wasn’t as winded or sore as I thought I would be. In fact, it gave me the confidence (although still slightly terrified) to go ahead and take High Mini for my second class. And although it was tough, and I know I’m going to be super sore this week, I felt prepared for it.

So if you’re in my position, feeling daunted by coming back to Lithe...don’t sleep on 101. Take it and you’ll be shocked at how much better you’ll feel about mainstreaming back into the other classes. If you’re mainstreamed, but feel like you need a little refresher on form, 101 will do you wonders too. When I was in my Lithe beast mode I remember thinking 101 wouldn’t give me a workout, so I would shy away from it even though I had questions about my form. Taking one 101 will still not only still make you break a sweat, but it will help you workout more effectively in your tougher mainstream classes. It’s worth making the pit stop for because you’ll be doing things right and burning more calories in every class you take thereafter. After my experience this time around, I know I’ll certainly be there from time to time.

See you in class!

LITHE BRIDE! 29 Jan 2013

Lithe Bride

Dear Lithe, 

Although I write this letter as a Lithe Bride, I have to say, I didn't start coming to Lithe with the idea of "shedding for the wedding." Instead, I found Lithe through a friend who like me, had put on weight during grad school. I had just finished my dissertation defense and after a halfhearted attempt to get back into my spinning and yoga routine, I felt stalled and uninspired. I decided to put my gym membership on hold and use Lithe Method as a sort of temporary boot camp to whip me into shape. I could barely walk after my first class, but little by little, the classes became more manageable. Plus, I was having fun! Dancing! Cheering! Jumping! One month went by and I thought, "Hmmm...I'll just freeze my gym membership one more month." Then two months went by, then three. All of a sudden I was faced with canceling my gym membership for good. The decision was simple and I never looked back. 

Once Sean (my very lovely now-husband) proposed, everyone started asking me what I would be doing to "get into wedding shape." I honestly did two things: cut out some of my more ridiculous food choices (think Haribo gummies) and Lithed. Easy! I ended up having to get my dress taken in a few times, but thankfully my seamstress was a family friend! Needless to say, I felt absolutely amazing on my wedding day. Who knew it was possible to feel curvy and svelte at the same time? And not to mention - strong! Family who had traveled from across the pond couldn't believe my transformation.The best part? I didn't starve myself or get into a routine that I couldn't maintain post-wedding. Lithe helped me get into the best shape of my life, but also gave me the tools I needed to stay that way. One of those tools included an incredible support system, not only the instructors, but also some awesome fellow-Lithers who I now consider great friends. What better Saturday morning exercise motivator is there than breakfast and a good chat afterward?

Thank you Lauren and all the wonderful instructors (a special shout-out to Gerri who always goes above and beyond!) for encouraging, helping, and inspiring me along the way. I am truly grateful! This 6AMer is here to stay! 

Övgü Kaynak  

HORCHATA! 29 Jan 2013


A thickness you can feel good about.  



I've always said that it only takes six months to completely change your body.  This week, I challenge you to initiate real change: take your measurements, write down what you're eating, how your feeling and take a "before" picture.  Then, get ready for all this honesty to keep you committed and motivated!  Continue to Lithe and stay connected to FHH for recipes and motivation.  Reply to this post if you're in!  We'll be keeping track until July!

Image of Lithe Instructor, Danielle Ingerman wearing Lithe via Dom

GET LITHE! 25 Jan 2013


Getting started in 2013?  Slow and Steady wins the race.  We have three Immersion courses in February!

Old City
Tuesdays & Thursdays 7pm-8pm, beginning January 5th
Mondays & Wednesdays 8:15pm-9:15pm, beginning February 4th
Main Line
Tuesdays & Thursdays 8pm-9pm, beginning January 5th

Image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg wearing Lithe via Dom


Lithe NYC

Happy Friday Lithers!  This week we're giving away a Lithe NYC 5 Class Card ($155 value)!  For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" and then leave a comment at the post on Facebook (not here on the blog).  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Monday! 

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