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We all know that if you really want your body to work for you when you're Lithing, you need to feed it right-whether that's making the most of 2 classes a week, or building up to a marathon mileage of 4 to 7 classes per week.

This week, I challenge you to lighten up your breakfast or lunch and brown bag it a minimum of three times.  Packing it up at home, or only eating truly healthy, non-processed grab-and-go foods will control your unhealthy fat and caloric intake.  For instance, a "typical" takeout sandwich has about 200 calories worth of mayonnaise alone!  Making that same sandwich at home with light mayo or no mayo will save 150 calories, at least.  Let us know how it's going!

Image of healthy "takeout" Lithe Foods Delicata Detox Bowl via Lauren


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Any chance a lithe cookbook is a future project? I'd love to make healthy lithe foods for the whole family! Or do you have a favorite healthy cookbook?

Betsy, I'm currently working on a book proposal :)

I have many favorites...I'll do a blog about them asap!

Would love to know some of your quick lunches. And a Lithe book would be wonderful...

Right now I make batches of hummus for the week and have been doing hummus/Bubbie's probiotic pickles/butter lettuce/avocado sandwiches on gluten free toast. Or whatever leftovers I have as lettuce wraps.

The money I save on lunch is going directly to my Lithe fund for when I get back to Philly in May. :)

Kel, that sounds so good! You're coming back to Philly!? For good?

Moving to Rittenhouse for the summer, at least..my husband graduates from Cornell with plans to open a restaurant in London late next year (fingers crossed) but he'll be working with the owners in Philly for the summer.

Hopefully Lithe London is on the horizon!

I'm a fan of the Elaine Benes salad. I prepare some flavour of this most days to take to work in a pretty large tupperware :) All goes in together without a lot of finesse perhaps; but I know what I'm eating.

2 microwaved burgers (high in protein), dollop of hummous, siricha, baby spin/arugula/water cress/lettuce, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber.

I like the bags of pre-cut organic cabbage coleslaw (red/broccoli/both) and throw some of that in too. Shop Rite have a great produce section and the organic part is always turning over and changing.

Sometimes I'll add blueberries or strawberries (summer usually) Beets too/beans. The more colourful, the better. Especially in the summer when there's more about.

Depends what's in the fridge/what I had for dinner the previous night. Leftover pasta and cold roasted veg work well too....

I have an insulating bag that makes for easy transportation.

All that's missing is dancing with thumbs :)

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