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Mars loves watermelon.  Like, he's totally head-over-heels in love with watermelon.  It's way out of season, but I bend my "rules" and go to great lengths to find the most deliciously ripe melon for him.  It's not always an easy find during the dead of winter here in Philly, so I started thinking of new ways for him to eat the less than favorable versions of his favorite warm-weather fruit.  Bring on the Watermelon Basil Slushy!

Mars's Watermelon Basil Slushy Recipe

Ingredients:  2-3 cups of watermelon, 6-8 cubes of ice
, 2-3 tablespoons agave, honey or coconut simple sugar
, 3 basil leaves

Directions:  Combine all ingredients in a blender (Vitamix) until smooth.  Freeze in an ice tray for a more frozen, icy consistency and eat with the spoon, (or your hands) like Mars does in the images above.

Images of Mars at 19 months via Lauren


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The pictures are priceless. I do the same things for my kids in trying to find their favorite foods out of season. It's pricey sometimes but the happiness they derive is so worth it. My boys are anxiously awaiting champagne mango season, which I buy by the box and peel, cut and freeze for smoothies, sorbet, etc.... I'm on my last frozen stash so I'm happy it's just about a month away.

Your child is absurdly cute!

Jen, thank you! Nisha, good idea. I'd love to hear more about your sorbet! I wonder if Mars will like Mangos this year. Fingers crossed.

I think mangos are hard because really its a textural thing for kids. Mangos are a little slimey, but once they get over that, once they love them, they love them.
I spent summers in India and mangos grew in my uncle's back yard and on my grandfather's farm. They were and still are such a prevalent part of my diet and I have super memories of mango juice just running down my chin, just like Mars does in these pics with the watermelon. Food memories are really pivotal for children and clearly you have wonderful ones with your family and continue to make new ones with Mars.

PS I'll be happy to share my mango sorbet recipe with you. I don't like commercial ones because I don't think they taste enough like mango and are way too sweet.

I just cut up watermelon and throw the chunks into a bag and put them right into the freezer and once frozen dump the bag into the vitamix and it turns into the most luscious creamy sorbet ever! I like to add fresh mint leaves and a lime too! It's like a virgin, sugar free watermelon mojito :) I was just telling someone about this today and it made me long for summer days and fruit!

dying of cute right now.

He is edible!!!

Lauren - this is my sorbet recipe:
2 cups mango, peeled, cubed
2 tbsp agave or maple syrup
1/4 lemon or lime, juiced

Put it in your vitamix or food processor for about 5 minutes, or u til it's the consistency you like. (My boys like the surprise of a mango chunk so I do it for about 3 minutes) also the sweetener is optional depending on how sweet your mangois, especially in the off season, or your palate preference.

Then you put it in the freezer till frozen. You can freeze your mango first and then it's edible right away.

Some things I have done for variety of flavor is to substitute strawberries for mango or up the amount of mango and add coconut water. It's up to your imagination. And when my boys were little, I put it in ice cube trays and had instant treats on summer days

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