I'm late again, but I have a good excuse.  This past weekend I traveled down to Florida to spend some time with family in Highland Beach.  I have to tell you that I didn't realize just how tightly wound I was until I was three days into my vacation.  On day three, I got off my butt, traded in my bikini top for my sports bra, and worked it out on the beach, Escape style.  It brought back a lot of great memories.  I can't tell you how much I miss Lithe Escape: R&R, fabulous food, fitness, friends, fun and RESULTS

Since 2009, Lithe Escape has been a big part of my life; something that I really look forward to every six months.  I haven't been able to pull myself away all that much since Mars was born, but now that he's 18 months old, I'm ready (I promise, post Lithe NYC opening!). 

I've heard through the grapevine that some of you are dying to go again, as well.  I have some ideas in my head but I'd love to know where you would like to go!  We could revisit some of the beautiful and luxurious villas and small boutique hotels that we have been to already (Bolt House, Highland House, La Luna & Hibiscus Hill House, Harbour Island, but I'm always game for something new and exciting.  I'm taking requests and I'm all ears!

Images of LBG Lithing on the beach in Highland Beach, FL via Jordan


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Check out Samasati in Costa Rica. It's geared towards yoga, but it would be perfect. Deep in the jungle, amazing food, minutes by shuttle to the beach where you can buy freshly-opened coconuts for 70 cents. Heaven... and they'll make you an incredible deal. Let me know if you want a contact person.

I'm going to start saving my pennies now. There hasn't been a Lithe Escape since I started a year ago and I am dying to go before next September.

Costa Rica might be a great option - somewhere beautiful, warm, tropical and maybe a little more budget friendly.

I have been dying to go to a Lithe Escape! I liked the idea of the Camp Lithe since it was within driving distance and therefore more affordable. Maybe the Outer Banks?

P.S. - While you are in the Delray / Boca area, any thoughts to opening a studio down there? I know my mom would love it, and I have a bunch of friends down there who have been dying to know what I have been up to here in Philly!


I agree with the Camp Lithe idea above.. I'd love to go, but taking a week off work isn't realistic for me!

You look Hip.Fit.Healthy!! The great thing about the Lithe Escape is the ESCAPE, so really I think whereever you plan it, it will be great!! Once this baby pops out, I will be bugging you to plan another!

I'm in no matter the destination! This would be an amazing experience. Looking forward to it.

Annemarie, we're destined to never be on the same escape!!! #sadface!

Lauren- reading this has made my day. Yes dying to go again too.. because twice wasn't enough ;) And previous participants say the same so this is great. In fact we were in Miami 2 weeks ago and we thought what a great location it would make for an Escape. Warm, easy to get to and a beautiful environment in which to work out. Good property availability too (ie large house rentals)

We stayed on South Beach. There's a great walkway thing and the beach is wide...

Watching progress like a hawk ;) x

Sign me up! I think Costa Rica is a great idea but I'm game no matter what.
When can we go? Tomorrow works for me!

Looking good LBG! ;)

I'm in! Wherever and whenever!

I know that many are "scared" to comment here on the blog, so thanks to all who chimed in here, via email and in-studio. The search is on. @Sarah, thank you!

How will I know when this escape is planned as I would love to attend...no matter where as it will be a journey regardless.

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