ME ON MONDAY (ROOTS). 20 Feb 2013


My childhood friend, Carisa Ploch's family farm was featured here by Sweetgreen.  It reminds me a little bit of my first attempt at Lithe TV, and reinforces just how important it is to know where our food grows, and that we should give praise and recognize our local farmers.  My grandfather had a bumper sticker that said:  No Farmers, No Food.  Not only has that statement been etched in my mind since a child, it's one of the reasons that I created Lithe Foods.  This short video is beautiful (can you believe this is New Jersey?), features my hometown, and is worth a watch.  I love this so much, I had to share. 


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This is wonderful! Reminds me that I'm a country girl at heart, and that in another life, if I wasn't working at Lithe, I'd be an organic vegetable farmer. :)

I could see you doing that :)

I love this, too! Reminds me of our farm. I love my organic blueberries, and Lauren's dad planted many fruit trees by my horse pasture-the pear and peach tree fruit are my favorite..yum!

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