Hello Lithe,

I took Waspie on Wed night in Old CIty.  It was my 2nd Waspie ever and it has been a few months since the last one.  Ever since then, I've had pain in my lower back.  It doesn't feel like "low back pain," but rather typical post-workout muscle soreness.  It's especially notable when I tuck my pelvis forward to elongate my spine or bend over.  We did a lot of "Candy Canes" and related moves and I'm wondering if those are supposed to work out your back (in the muffin-top flank region)?  Or am I doing something wrong?  Perhaps there were other moves that are working my back so much?   I don't recall feeling this after my last Waspie. 
Thanks,  J.U

Hi J.U,
The muscle soreness you are feeling in your back is completely normal and it's good news...it means that you were doing the workout correctly and with proper form.  Our Waspie Waist Rotations work into the internal obliques (which are deep core muscles that attach from the lower three ribs to the top of the hip, then to the erector spinae muscles in the lower back).  The entire "Candy Cane" sequence lengthens the lumbar and then shortens those muscles as we build on the sequence and "lean." So essentially, by the end of class, Waspie works all the way around the waist, including those back muscles.  Also, remember that you are working your entire back just by holding those blue bands the entire hour while sliding your shoulders down!

Image of Lithe Instructors, Lauren Boggi Goldenberg and Bari Rosenthal in Waspie via Dom


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