Dear Lithe,

I wanted to write a love letter expressing both my gratitude and appreciation. I have dropped over 10 pounds and have lost inches everywhere since I began Lithing (10/24/12). I feel sexier than ever and feel more confident buying clothes; my husband and self-esteem thank you very much too. I began to see results right away but wanted to give it 4 to 5 months, just to see how many more changes I would see. A lot more changes came indeed. I used to have this roll of back fat, that no matter how much I yoga’d, dieted or worked out at the gym, would just NOT go away. Well…it’s gone (kisses to you). Thanks to the Lithe Method, the Lithe staff (and Lithe Greenies) I feel like a new woman.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and though I will be moving to Dallas soon, I will ALWAYS be a lifetime Lither. I have attached a couple of photographs so you can all see the changes in my body. No Photoshop here, this is pure Lithe-ah-natural baby.


Tara McConachie



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very impressive, tara. you look like a fitness model!

you look amazing! about how many times a week were you lithing to get those fantastic results?

amazing, tara!! you look incredible! congrats on all the hard work. and from a life-time dallas girl, i hope you really like it there! it's not philly but the food, shopping, business and people are amazing! best of luck!

Holy S@#% Tara!!!! You look fantastic!!!!!! That is really something to be proud of :)


I am so inspired! GO TARA!!! You look absolutely fantastic. Congrats!

Thanks for the comments all, they mean a lot.
Jen, I Lithe around 4-6 times a week. In the beginning around 4 times a week but have been on such a roll that I Lithe 6-7 times a week, ha. I'm nuts but workin it while I'm still in Philly.
Hopefully Lauren will bring Lithe to Dallas :)


You look amazing! I am a new lither, but have loved the classes so much already. Such a great inspiration :-)

That's my sister!! You go girrl. So proud of your dedication in all things, including Lithe. Shit, my ass is going in the other direction :| mild jealousy? Ha ha ha....
Can't wait to see you!

You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story, Tara. Good luck in Dallas!

Did you take the same classes each week? If so which classes. Thanks You look amazing and I just started Lithing.

Hi Kathy! I'm not responding for Tara, but I wanted to chime in. Tara's results are typical for anyone who Lithes (that means you, too!). If you Lithe less than 3 times a week, you'll achieve these results, just at a slower rate. If you lithe 3+ times a week, and aren't eating poorly, you'll have a whole new body in 4-6 months.

Don't stick with the same classes each week! We actually won't let you; we change the schedules monthly so that you won't plateau or become bored :)

Try mixing it up with a combination of our more cardio-based classes and our more sculpting-based classes.

Hope to meet you!

Lauren, let me say first that I LOVE Lithe. It's the best fitness routine I've ever found, I've encouraged many of my friends to join who ended up loving it as much as I do, and I can't imagine ever wanting to look for anything else. But I have to say, I have been Lithing since I took Immersion last September and I haven't seen results anything like Tara's. I started about 15-20lbs over weight. I've been consistently going 4-7 times a week for 5 and half months (including completing the 22-class challenge in December), and I keep working harder and harder each week. And while my diet could still get better, I have improved it significantly in the past 6 months as well, steadily trying to teach myself how to eat a healthy, whole foods diet. I've definitely toned up, but I remain a consistent 10-12 lbs heavier than I should be and cannot shed the weight from my thighs, lower back and stomach to save my life. So when I see posts like this, and routinely read how dramatic results are supposed to come within 4-6 months (and I'm at the 6 month mark), I can't help but get a little frustrated. Have other Lithers expressed similar concerns or am I something of an outlier?

Hey Erin! Glad you love it :) Try not to become too frustrated. Nope, it's not the first time that I've heard this. Change takes time, and everyone is different; we all have different bodies, metabolisms, body types, some of us are tall, some are curvy, etc.

I've been watching Lithe transform bodies for over 8 years now, and I've seen really big things happen within 4-6 months and sometimes those same results can take up to one year. And, you will continue to change after that! With that said, I cannot stress diet enough. While you're sculpting your muscles, gaining muscle, and while your metabolism is revving up, you really have to be consistent with what and how you are fueling your body.

Results like Tara's aren't going to happen in 4-6 months (for anyone) if their not working (hard) on the food part. Knowing your metabolism and caloric needs is really, really key. Also, what Tara didn't talk about is how many pounds of muscle she has gained, how many inches she has lost, etc. There's a lot behind this picture. I can vouch for her hard work, as she takes many of my classes and she is often totally exhausted and drenched in sweat!

Erin, I looked at your history and you're consistent, and mixing it up. Remember that you're gaining muscle, becoming stronger, healthier, and having fun. It will happen, just keep it up!

For those of you who want to lose body fat, ask yourself these questions: Are you trying to do the entire pushup series on your toes (BIG body changer!)? Are you working in stiletto? Have you tried to increase your number of band classes per week? Are your motions sharp and deliberate? How is your form? Have you upped it to 5 lb weights during ab work? How about 8lb'ers? Can you talk during class? If you can carry on a conversation at the barre or bands, you are not pushing your limits. Have you taken your measurements?

Erin, it sounds like you've lost some weight (7-10 lbs?) probably lost inches (I'm guessing 10+") and have gained a good bit of muscle (I'm going to estimate 5-10 lbs). You're right in the middle of the process. Feel free to email me Lauren@lithemethod and we can talk more about how you can take it to the next level. I'd love to help.

Lauren, thanks so much. From this you prove again to be every bit the considerate and dedicated professional (and woman) I have long gotten the impression you to be. I will take you up on all this advice and really push even more than I have. Lithe is a permanent fixture in my life, have no doubt. I'm in this fun and motivating lifestyle change for the long haul.

Tara you look amazing!! I lived in Philly in 2008-2009 and moved back to Dallas and I still crave Lithe!! It was the best shape i have ever been in (and that was after having my first baby)! Tell lauren she has 2 in Dallas now so she needs to open here!:-) There is nothing like Lithe!!!

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