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Lithe & Hotel Monaco

Happy Friday everyone!  It's the perfect time for a staycation at my favorite hotel in Philly!  To celebrate and kick-off Lithe & Kimpton's Hotel Monaco exclusive Lithe on Location fitness partnership, we're giving away a 1 night stay in a Park View room at Hotel Monaco (subject to availability).  Stay over on a Tuesday night and Lithe on Location on Wednesday morning at 6:30AM.

For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" and then leave a comment at the post.  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Monday! Winner must make reservation through the sales office directly (267-386-9436). Good luck!

Images via Kimpton



What’s not to love about lemons… the vibrant color, citrusy smell, and the flavor that adds a pop to any dish or drink. When you're stressed, cooking with lemons can also lift your spirit, like a mini-aromatherapy session. Lemons will boost more than your mood, they help build your immune system with a high level of Vitamin C and potassium, while decreasing (and healing) wrinkles and blemishes. You may also find that lemons help aid in digestion, weight loss, and the balancing of pH.

One of my favorite morning and evening rituals to quickly soothe my mind and body is drinking one mug of warm water mixed with the juice of 1/2 to one whole lemon. Your first instinct in the morning may be to wake up the kids, walk the dog, or find the first, acceptable work outfit in your closet and bolt to the office. Try allotting some personal time for you to calm the mind, while reaping all of the nutritious benefits of lemons!

Try one mug of warm water + 1/2 a lemon OR, 16 oz of warm water with one lemon plus a bit of maple syrup to cleanse and detoxify any time of the day.

Post and image via FHH Contributor Christina Dollings

SEEING GREEN! 28 Mar 2013

I'm Loving Green

Pantone declared emerald the color of the year and we're seeing shades of green everywhere: 1. GAP minty green jeans, 2. apple green striped paper straws, 3. Kate Spade Green Curiosity Quote iPhone 5 Case, 4. Lithe Foods Greenest Smoothie, 5. Pantone Mini Nail Polish collection via Sephora.

Images via brand websites and montage via FHH Contributor Lauren Andrews



I'm currently spending time with family on North Captiva Island, FL., and, everywhere I go on this tiny island, I seem to have all this stuff with me.  Like, all these surprising little things that I really cannot live without.  Only three short years ago, I was the girl who could go anywhere, for any length of time with all of her belongings in one small, carry-on duffel.  I've always hated being bogged down with things; I love the feeling of freedom. 

Now, I could pass for a pack mule when I travel. I literally can't go anywhere (I panic) without my rugged as luggage Jonathan Adler mom bag.  Part diaper bag, part work bag, part-beach bag and part day-tripper, this baby has six inner pockets that I stash all of my lifesaving essentials in.  I'm dumping out my bag right now (literally) so I can tell you what I'm hoarding: Sun Bum spf 30 stick, coconut sugar, Korres lip butter, lip balm, Josie Maran's Argan oil stick, gum, hand sanitizer, a tiny car, a ball, nasal saline spray, scarf, advil, two books, two diapers, a swim diaper, diaper balm, wipes, a changing pad, water, an avocado, a sippy cup, a banana, a pen, floss, my camera, my computer, my phone, a Lithe iPod, sunglasses, Mars's sunglasses, an extra shirt for Mars, a few band-aids, and my wallet.  Can you believe it?  I think what we women carry around on a daily basis is fascinating.  Whether you're a mom or not, what are the must-haves in your bag?

Image of LBG walking Mars on No. Captiva Island


Sayeh's Living Lithe

High Waisted!

What you need: Gloves! 
Props: Pom bands (the ones with handles), Calorie Trashers (if you got 'em)
Clothing Considerations: Cropped pants--lots of balancing, dont want to get tangled in too-long pants
Sweat Factor: Everyone in the room had a good sheen, but could also grab a drink after class without looking like they ran through a sprinkler a la Higher Power

If you've picked up a fashion magazine in the last couple of years, you've noticed the high waisted look is back, and I have to say that I've been wanting to get on board, but every time I eye a pair of high waisted jeans, images of poor Jessica Simpson flash before my eyes. You remember what I'm referring to, of course. The girl got skewered for wearing a pair of high waisted, so-called mom jeans. Now perhaps I have a soft spot for my fellow Texan, but I truly felt bad for her during that fiasco, and have no desire to repeat her fashion faux-pas. So, high waisted pencil skirts are more my speed. Although, every time I go to try one on, they present their own challenges too. Yes, they make me look little in the middle, but like I got much back...if you know what I'm saying. And highlight the saddlebag area to boot.

Enter, High Waisted the class. It works your entire body 360 degrees around your core down through your hips, saddle bags (not to mention full leg and arms and...wait that's your whole body). Most of the class is spent on one leg, balancing while lunging, raising up into liberty, arabesque, and folded over doing some pulses and kicks while using the pom bands for support and to keep your arms and back engaged. It requires some coordination, to be sure. Bari told us up front not to be discouraged if we felt a bit wobbly on one leg--that it takes about 3 classes to get the feel for the class--so that allowed me to relax and not pressure myself to feel like I needed to get it exactly right the first time. 

That said, the class was FUN, and actually not super crazy hard to get a hang of. It was definitely the first class that I really wished I had the Calorie Trashers because my range of motion is pretty crappy, and I could have really benefited from something to keep my muscles warm and increase my flexibility as I stood on one foot and folded over and kicked behind me. 

The class is upbeat, but not brutal in terms of cardio. It's the perfect combination of cardio and sculpting. At one point, a great song was blaring, we were combining all the moves we had just learned and I was in. the. zone. I woke up the next morning feeling sore in ways that I never have and eager to take the class again. A few more, and I'll be heading back to the racks for that pencil skirt minus the J. Simp flashbacks.

I highly recommend it. Let loose (literally) and have fun! 

And if you take High Waisted any time soon, I'll see you in class.


INSTAGRAM ♥... 26 Mar 2013


Lithe NYC Instructor, Lisa Borres Instagram post-Rock Steady at Lithe Rittenhouse


Love letters

Hi Lauren,

I have been hoping to run into you between the Rittenhouse and Olde City studios but our paths haven't crossed. I have to tell you how I've come to recently realize the importance of the Lithe Breathing. I will admit, it must have been the hardest concept for me to wrap my mind around when I first started Lithe over a year ago. The method of breathing, and the importance of the pursed lips, and inhalation weren't very natural to me - and I imagine, others may have the same sentiment. We breathe every day, but not in such a pattern that requires such thought and purpose.

After taking a few 101 courses, I felt I had the knack of everything and off I went, happily immersing myself in all of the classes I could take. Honestly, I found myself more focused on making sure I tucked enough, and checking out my rear in the mirror as evidence of my tucking. (Praying each time that my booty would magically look more toned, lifted and smaller.) Tucking aside I also had to worry about my lunges - always checking to make sure my knees weren't over my toes. And I can't forget stiletto - I still find myself more often than not erring on the side of flat footed routines than stiletto, in an effort to retain proper form. Wide second? Please - let's not even talk about how my knees just love to turn in - I blame it on my lack of flexibility in my hips and overly tight hip-flexors.

OK - so where does that leave me? It leaves with the one constant through all of Lithe Method: the Lithe Breathing. In the beginning I wasn't doing it often enough, on cue, or strong enough. Why? Because I was focused on too many other things (a few of them mentioned above). Slowly over time my confidence grew and I knew my lunges and tucks were better, so much that I didn't need to obsess about checking my form all the time - in that same moment, I realized that I had slacked on my breathing.

Over the past few months I made it a goal to push through every routine as hard as a could, with the best form I could maintain and regardless of anything else going on around me - STICK WITH THE BREATHING!

I swear - it has made a huge difference on my abdomen and strength. I feel abdominal muscles - all over!! I know they are there because I can literally move my fingers around and pick them out as if I had a "clear as day" pack of abs. Unfortunately, I have some "fluff" as I affectionately call it (aka fat) overlaying them, but that is besides the point.

The point is the breathing truly does force you to contract and stretch your abs, working them throughout the entire class. It's easy to let your abs just go along for the ride and remain unengaged - but there are no benefits to that. The benefits to the pursed lips (and occasional spit on the mirrors): rocking abs, without doing 100 crunches every morning and night.

It's incredible and I can't emphasize enough how important it is for other Lithers to get on the band wagon and purse those lips! I used to be self conscious about being the only one in my area of the studio making noise while breathing, but heck - there is no looking back! I love knowing what is hiding under my "fluff"! :) 





Hello Lithe,

I took Waspie on Wed night in Old CIty.  It was my 2nd Waspie ever and it has been a few months since the last one.  Ever since then, I've had pain in my lower back.  It doesn't feel like "low back pain," but rather typical post-workout muscle soreness.  It's especially notable when I tuck my pelvis forward to elongate my spine or bend over.  We did a lot of "Candy Canes" and related moves and I'm wondering if those are supposed to work out your back (in the muffin-top flank region)?  Or am I doing something wrong?  Perhaps there were other moves that are working my back so much?   I don't recall feeling this after my last Waspie. 
Thanks,  J.U

Hi J.U,
The muscle soreness you are feeling in your back is completely normal and it's good news...it means that you were doing the workout correctly and with proper form.  Our Waspie Waist Rotations work into the internal obliques (which are deep core muscles that attach from the lower three ribs to the top of the hip, then to the erector spinae muscles in the lower back).  The entire "Candy Cane" sequence lengthens the lumbar and then shortens those muscles as we build on the sequence and "lean." So essentially, by the end of class, Waspie works all the way around the waist, including those back muscles.  Also, remember that you are working your entire back just by holding those blue bands the entire hour while sliding your shoulders down!

Image of Lithe Instructors, Lauren Boggi Goldenberg and Bari Rosenthal in Waspie via Dom

GET LITHE! 25 Mar 2013

Kelly Stretching

Want to know the best way to learn how to Lithe, AND build your strength and stamina?  We currently have a few spots open in our award-winning April Immersion courses:

Rittenhouse:  Monday & Wednesday 8:15-9:15pm, beginning Monday 4/1

Main Line:  Tuesday & Thursday 8:00-9:00pm, beginning Tuesday 4/2

Old City:  Tuesday & Thursday 5:15-6:15pm, beginning Tuesday 4/2

Call 215-545-5144 (Rittenhouse), 484-416-3323 (Main Line), or 215-625-4919 (Old City) to purchase and register for the Immersion course of your choice.  If our three week Immersion course doesn't work for you, you can opt to take Lithe 101 classes to get started.

Lithe Instructor Kelly Wong wearing Lithe via Dom



It’s so important to hydrate pre, during, and post Lithe. Did you know that the average woman should be drinking 9 cups of water per day (about 2.2 liters).  On the days when you exercise, make sure that you compensate the fluid loss by drinking an additional 2-3 cups of water, 400-600 milliliters. This is extremely important when you are sweating, not to mention Lithing while wearing Trashers, which make you sweat even more!

This, week, use a water bottle, one that you know the measurements, and keep a mini-tracker of how much water you actually consume. Make hydrating your body fun and challenge yourself, not your kidneys! 

Want to take it a step further?  Make “Lithe Water” at home by mixing mint, parsley, apples and citrus like lemon, lime and grapefruit which will make the water more alkaline. Lithe Water is detoxifying and will help rid the body of bloat. 

Image of NYC Lithe Instructor Lisa Borres at the bands via Lauren and water chart via FHH contributor, Christina Dollings

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