I'm currently spending time with family on North Captiva Island, FL., and, everywhere I go on this tiny island, I seem to have all this stuff with me.  Like, all these surprising little things that I really cannot live without.  Only three short years ago, I was the girl who could go anywhere, for any length of time with all of her belongings in one small, carry-on duffel.  I've always hated being bogged down with things; I love the feeling of freedom. 

Now, I could pass for a pack mule when I travel. I literally can't go anywhere (I panic) without my rugged as luggage Jonathan Adler mom bag.  Part diaper bag, part work bag, part-beach bag and part day-tripper, this baby has six inner pockets that I stash all of my lifesaving essentials in.  I'm dumping out my bag right now (literally) so I can tell you what I'm hoarding: Sun Bum spf 30 stick, coconut sugar, Korres lip butter, lip balm, Josie Maran's Argan oil stick, gum, hand sanitizer, a tiny car, a ball, nasal saline spray, scarf, advil, two books, two diapers, a swim diaper, diaper balm, wipes, a changing pad, water, an avocado, a sippy cup, a banana, a pen, floss, my camera, my computer, my phone, a Lithe iPod, sunglasses, Mars's sunglasses, an extra shirt for Mars, a few band-aids, and my wallet.  Can you believe it?  I think what we women carry around on a daily basis is fascinating.  Whether you're a mom or not, what are the must-haves in your bag?

Image of LBG walking Mars on No. Captiva Island


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I currently am the person you described yourself being a couple of years ago. When I travel, no matter how long or where (with exception to our recent ski trip!) I bring only a carry-on and tote. On a daily basis, into a le pilage tote goes: wallet, phone, book, scarf, chapstick, notebook, pen...and that's that!

Love JA :). You should see the new bags!

Wow that is a LOT :) I also tend to have too much; I used to roll luggage onto the plane and stash it in an overhead bin!

Now, I try to keep separates: I always have my phone, keys, and wallet ready for any bag I'm sporting that hour of the day....

If it's a baby bag I have everything 2 kiddos could need for an extended length of time, change of clothes and feeding gear included! I won't bore you with the details (but I'll share if you want to know!)

If I'm going to Lithe, I have: water bottle (always), trashers, gloves, dirty sweaty bag (for the soaked clothes afterward!), hair ties, floss, travel toothbrushes, advil, nail file, safety pin, band aids, contact lenses, a barrette, extra socks, change of clothes, some kind of "bar" (protein or otherwise), brush, lotion, tokens, watch/calorie counter band, stamps, tissues, hand sanitizer, tampons, pens, paper, sunscreen, and chapstick...if you ever are in need of anything, just ask!

If I'm going just mama: I have a few purses I love and I throw the above mentioned keys, wallet and phone in them and add fun stuff like lipstick, perfume, etc.

Kim, your bag sounds heaftier than mine! xo

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