READY, SET...BIKINI! 18 Mar 2013

7 steps

It may be cold and rainy today, but Spring is here!  Read my 7 steps to looking and feeling great in a bikini on InStyleSwimwear's blog, Beauty & The Beach.

Images of me spray tanned, Lithe's CCS (and Lithe instructor, Liz Galbally), my fithiphealthy summer 2013 inspiration bikini by L Space, Sautéed greens and me in Las Terranas, D.R. wearing La Perla.


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I'm very pale and was interested in spray tanning. I looked into it and found a number of articles warning of the dangers of spray tanning (e.g., http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/13/-rspray-tan-risks-dihydroxyacetone-chemical-dha-_n_1590623.html). What are your thoughts about the safety of this sunless tanning method?

Hi C, Good question.

Whether you're sunbathing outdoors, spray tanning once a month, using a tanning bed (hopefully not), eating cheeseburgers, drinking alcohol, bleaching your hair, etc., I really believe that everything is okay in moderation.

I am a pretty discerning spray tanner and I only go to Skin Palette here in Philly where you aren't standing in a small box filled with a thick mist of DHA , breathing it in (a la Hollywood Tans style). Over the years I've tried it all in lieu of baking in the sun and I find that they are by far the best. They use the Evolv sunless airbrush system: http://evolvsunless.com/

I'm no doctor, but this is the short story of what I know: DHA is derived from Sugarcane. DHA affects the outermost (dead) layer of the skin. DHA has been used as a cosmetic ingredient in the United States since 1960 and listed with the FDA since 1973. Does that mean that it's safe? I don't know the answer to that. But, what I do know is that a spray tan sesh can make your confidence soar if you're feeling pasty, and I'm all for that.

IMO, if you chose to spray tan on occasion, make sure you protect your eyes and mucus membranes. I like to keep my eyes closed during the short time that I'm there, I also wear underwear, and I protect my lips and nose with a thick balm.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Thanks! This info is helpful.

Lauren, thanks for your thoughtful response to C's question. I too was wondering the same thing. However, I know that the FDA is chronically overloaded, and therefore unable to monitor products as well was they should (especially for products that may have a slower, more incremental impact, as apposed to immediate issues like an e coli out-break.) According the FDA's website, the tanning industry has not provided data on the safety of DHA in "misting" application. Therefore, while the FDA generally considers DHA safe, they have not "approved" spray tanning. (http://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/ProductandIngredientSafety/ProductInformation/ucm134064.htm)

Hi M, I appreciate your comment, thanks for chiming in. I still believe that everything is okay in moderation; I don't think that doing anything (like spray tanning, or a mani/pedi) once a month will kill you if you take the appropriate measures to protect yourself. To each their own, though. It's def something to think about and look into/ask your doctor about before diving into. People may get a similar (yet safer) result from any of the tanning creams that are on the market.

I'm extremely fair skinned, and I've always shied away from sunless tanner because it always turns up orangey and fake looking on me. BUT, last summer, I discovered the Kiehl's sunless tanning lotion, and it is amazing. it does not have that icky chemical smell, it dries super fast, and looks really nice. So if you're nervous about spray tans but would like some glow, maybe give it a try. :)

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