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Sayeh's Living Lithe

Very recently, my mind was blown. And I mean blown. I was in class, and the instructor (I think it was Joellyn), said for everyone to lean back on their sitz bones and spelled it out. S-I-T-Z.  SITZ bones. WHAT? SitZ with a Z?? Not SITS bones with an S at the end? Mind. Blown. Throughout all these years of Lithing, and the intermittent yoga classes in the years before, I’ve thought the teachers are saying SITS bones. The bones you know…you …SIT on. Don’t get me wrong, I always thought this was a funny term—sits bones. Why didn’t they just say butt? Lean back on your…butt. Too gauche? So, I would just shrug it off and think I guess those ARE the bones we sit on. But then why the plural? SitS bones. Why not just sit bones? And I would chuckle to myself—oh you crazy fitness people and your jargon. SITS bones! HA!

Seems that the joke’s on me. It’s indeed sitz with a z, and unless who ever named these bones also called their high school CD compilations things like Summer JamZ ‘98 (guilty), then they have nothing to do with sitting. Although, come on. This is all very confusing! Who’s with me?? After a bit of google-izing, I found that sitz bones is the common name for the ischial tuberosity—the lowest of the three major bones that make up the pelvis. Which begs the question: If sitz is the COMMON name, then why isn’t it actually SITS?? Ok, I’m going to stop.

THEN I was sitting at my computer typing an email, and the little red squiggly line indicating a misspelled word crawled under something I just typed. I went to right click on it to pull up the list of correctly-spelled substitutions, and I have no idea what I did, but my screen split in half and all of this code came up. CODE. It was like something out of the Terminator’s field of vision. I guess it was the html code of what I was typing in my email? (Is that even possible?) I did recognize words like ‘font’ and ‘format,’ but like…WHAT? I exed out of it by clicking on the mouse as fast as I could and jerking my hand back even faster. As if touching the mouse for more than a split second would cause the computer to explode or something. (You never know.)

The code went away, but I was left feeling a little bewildered. I felt like I had encountered a strange fancy machine of the future. I just kept looking at my screen like…I don’t even KNOW you. You do so many things that I have NO CLUE about. Who ARE you?? What is this CODE? What are these SHORTCUTS? What are you HIDING FROM ME?? It gave me a little more respect for my rundown, POS comp. It was like that moment where you realize the guy you’ve been dating (and complaining to all your friends that he's super uninteresting and kind of dumb and a terrible kisser), takes you to his apartment for the first time and shows you all of his (really good) short stories (he’s working on a compilation), and the beautiful teak desk he’s built with his bare hands for his father’s 60th  birthday, and the pictures of him in traditional garb from a country where he’s established a small nonprofit for starving children. And you’re like Oh, SH*T. I should be nicer to you. You're kind of a catch! (Can I get an amen! No? Just me?) Needless to say… Mind. Blown. 

Equally mind blowing and confusing is what has happened to me fitness-wise over the last week. After my post about eating 2 weeks ago, and per the advice so many of you left in the comments, I really have been cooking well, preparing lunches and snagging Lithe Foods when I'm in a pinch, instead of some other hugely portioned food truck option near my office (lamb and rice, I still love you). To boot, I have recently gone to class 7 out of the last 8 days. Which I've never done before. 5 times a week has been my recent routine (M-F) and 6 times my max, if I get my act together on a Saturday morning (which is rare). And while I was certainly seeing the difference in my body in the last couple of months with that routine (which has been a real commitment itself), the combination of this marathon Lithe sesh and healthy eating (no skimping, just better choices), has slimmed and toned me in a way that has kind of shocked me. Kind of like with this combination I've hit a button on my body's computer that I didn't know existed and it's rewriting my chubby code.

Turns out, I'm not onto some new magical formula. I was in the elevator at Rittenhouse the other day, and I overheard one girl saying to another, "Lauren says if you Lithe for 9 days in a row, magical things will happen to your body. So I'm going for it." I thought OHHHH. So she knows about this phenomenon! It's crazy to think how going 5 days taking a 2-day break and then going 5 days is different than going 9 days straight. So I emailed Lauren to corroborate this elevator hearsay, and sure enough...she said it was true, but that the eating part was a deal breaker. Going 9 days and eating whatever you want isn't the same thing. You have to go 9 days in a row AND eat well.

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to go to Lithe 9 days in a row every 10 days. In the words of Asa's mother from Shahs of Sunset. Not only NO, but HELL NO. I have to be realistic with myself and keep it civil. BUT, it is just encouraging to know that eating well and working out DOES work. Because sometimes it just feels like it DOESN'T. It's so easy to become discouraged when I work out a ton and make what I think are relatively good food choices to not see the results I'm hoping for--not just on the scale but in strength and stamina. So shaking up my routine has really opened up my eyes to see that really committing and reprioritizing a bit can jump start things in a visible way. Like my SITZ bones are actually feeling a little more...boney...when i sits on them. And with my butt, that's truly mind blowing.

See you in classs!


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