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High Waisted!

What you need: Gloves! 
Props: Pom bands (the ones with handles), Calorie Trashers (if you got 'em)
Clothing Considerations: Cropped pants--lots of balancing, dont want to get tangled in too-long pants
Sweat Factor: Everyone in the room had a good sheen, but could also grab a drink after class without looking like they ran through a sprinkler a la Higher Power

If you've picked up a fashion magazine in the last couple of years, you've noticed the high waisted look is back, and I have to say that I've been wanting to get on board, but every time I eye a pair of high waisted jeans, images of poor Jessica Simpson flash before my eyes. You remember what I'm referring to, of course. The girl got skewered for wearing a pair of high waisted, so-called mom jeans. Now perhaps I have a soft spot for my fellow Texan, but I truly felt bad for her during that fiasco, and have no desire to repeat her fashion faux-pas. So, high waisted pencil skirts are more my speed. Although, every time I go to try one on, they present their own challenges too. Yes, they make me look little in the middle, but like I got much back...if you know what I'm saying. And highlight the saddlebag area to boot.

Enter, High Waisted the class. It works your entire body 360 degrees around your core down through your hips, saddle bags (not to mention full leg and arms and...wait that's your whole body). Most of the class is spent on one leg, balancing while lunging, raising up into liberty, arabesque, and folded over doing some pulses and kicks while using the pom bands for support and to keep your arms and back engaged. It requires some coordination, to be sure. Bari told us up front not to be discouraged if we felt a bit wobbly on one leg--that it takes about 3 classes to get the feel for the class--so that allowed me to relax and not pressure myself to feel like I needed to get it exactly right the first time. 

That said, the class was FUN, and actually not super crazy hard to get a hang of. It was definitely the first class that I really wished I had the Calorie Trashers because my range of motion is pretty crappy, and I could have really benefited from something to keep my muscles warm and increase my flexibility as I stood on one foot and folded over and kicked behind me. 

The class is upbeat, but not brutal in terms of cardio. It's the perfect combination of cardio and sculpting. At one point, a great song was blaring, we were combining all the moves we had just learned and I was in. the. zone. I woke up the next morning feeling sore in ways that I never have and eager to take the class again. A few more, and I'll be heading back to the racks for that pencil skirt minus the J. Simp flashbacks.

I highly recommend it. Let loose (literally) and have fun! 

And if you take High Waisted any time soon, I'll see you in class.



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Sorry, new to lithe (starting immersion in April). Can you explain what a calorie trasher is? Is it a resistance band?

Welcome to Lithe, Anne! More info on our Calorie Trasher shorts can be found here: http://www.fithiphealthy.com/fithiphealthy/2012/11/calorie-trashers.html

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