Hi Lauren, 

I have been really looking forward to going on spring break; however, I’m nervous I will not be able to stay in Lithe Shape. Any suggestion on Lithe exercises I can do while on vacation? Will you be coming out with Lithe DVDs in the future?  Thanks, DK

Hi D,

Yes, we have some amazing things in the works for all of you Lithing from afar (Lithe DVD's  are one of them)!

My best advice is to workout Lithe Escape-style when you're traveling.  Take advantage of your surroundings-walk in the sand, hike and swim. Mix it up, and pepper in your Lithe and you'll be amazed at the results!  As long as you do your push-ups, plyos or cheer preps and method abs daily/every other day, you won't lose a thing. Stay active, eat fresh, whole foods, have a great time and we'll see you when you get back!

Image of Lithe Instructor Liz Galbally via Dom


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Hello, Gorgeous!! Fantastic pic of Liz!!

Perfect timing for this post; I am concerned about staying in shape next month while on vacation for 9 days. Looking forward to some push ups and plyos in the South of France next month!

Taking Walk Star gave me some great ideas for mixing in Lithe with my walks when I'm away. I can always find a spot to do deep lunges hipster-style on a bench too!

So excited to hear that Lithe DVD's (and more!) are in the works! I can finally calm my creeping anxiety/depression about potentially relocating and possibly losing Lithe!

Psyched to hear about the DVDs too! That'll be so helpful.

I can only make it to Lithe 1x a week...so pumped about the DVD's!!! any idea when they will be released?

I'm dying to hear about these new options, no lie I will install bands in my living room ceiling

You will be able to install bands in your own home someday soon!

Hi Len, we don't have a release date yet!

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