CAT KIERNAN! 8 Apr 2013


From: Teaneck, NJ

Favorite City: New York, NY

Favorite Lithe Workout: Tight End

Favorite Lithe Exercise: Barre Combo Sequences in Action Figure

How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team?: Cat has superior strength, killer form, and a cool, calm grace about her; she is really so lovely to watch. We don't do this much anymore, but we approached her about teaching and are so glad that she decided to audition!

Other Job: Law student at Rutgers University

Enjoys: hanging out with her boyfriend (Matt) and new border collie/lab puppy (Hercules), Lithing, eating out, morning coffee, the beach, and spending time with family and friends.

What you wouldn't know just by looking at her: Cat grew up 5 minutes from NYC and was always taking the bus over after school and in the summers for ballet and modern dance classes.  She continued dancing in college and always dreamed of doing it professionally.  When she decided to head to law school, she thought she was going to have to get used to the gym and lose that great combination of creativity and working out…but she was fortunate enough to move to Philly and find Lithe! Cat majored in political science in college (although she was only a few classes short of a neuroscience second major) and minored in dance. She is currently in her second year of law school.  Cat became EMT certified at 16 years old and found out quickly that (luckily) gory stuff doesn’t bother her.
Image of Lithe Instructor Cat Kiernan wearing Lithe's Ultra Support Performance Bra & Attitude Pants via Dom


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YAYYY CATTT <3 gorgeous as always!!

This is such a pretty picture of you! You can tell you were dancer!

Aw, thanks so much!!! :-)

Cat is so relaxed and chill. Great way to end my Fridays with her 3:30 RH class.

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