Lithe Love Letters

Dear Lauren:

There I was.  New to Philadelphia and not knowing a soul until a cooking class changed my life.  It was there that I met my now good friend Amy and one night over drinks, she flexed her impressive bicep and exclaimed: "you've GOT to try Lithe Method!"

I was reluctant but I took a 101.  The next day, I literally couldn't walk but I was hooked. I decided to take a step back and start with Lithe Immersion and immediately loved the workout, but more than that, I loved the community.  I still remember the way several ladies gave me a spontaneous hug in the RH locker room when I shyly announced I was a newbie and had just taken my first regular class.  I loved how amazing the instructors were; so friendly, strong, and best of all for me, so curvy!  Bari became my guru, Carrie's Spirit was my ultimate stress reliever, Melissa's kicks would always make my jaw drop, Liz G.'s Skinny Mini was my Sunday necessity and just like that, Lithe was part of my life.  I went from barely being able to make it through the first set of ten lunges at the bar, to making it through all three sets and still having energy to keep going. 

I love the relationships I've made through the workout and the camaraderie we all share after finishing an exceptionally hard class.  My non-Lither friends would shake their heads as I moved around personal and work commitments to get my Lithe Passport stamps and after I scheduled a trip based on the December challenge.  Exercise had always been something fleeting for me but Lithe became a necessity and the RH studio became my second home.  My body's changed, but so has my outlook on life.  Before Lithe, ketchup was a vegetable and now, I make my own breakfast quinoa, make smoothies in my own Vitamix and am always eager to try Lithe's latest juices and lunches.  The fit.hip.healthy lifestyle has made my time in Philadelphia truly special and I know I'll take the lessons I've learned with me.

In the 2+ years since I started Lithing, I've seen Lithe and its community grow and I couldn't be happier.  I remember when Gerri, Kim and Elizabeth started and now I count them as some of my favorite and most inspiring instructors.  I've also seen how EVERY new instructor brings their own uniqueness, talent and passion to Lithe and how each makes class an extraordinary experience.  Even though I know I'll be back in Philly for visits and will make trips to Lithe's NYC studio, I am truly going to miss all of the amazing women (and Fran) I got to see on a regular basis.

Lauren, your community and your workout sustained me through my years in Philly and I'll always be grateful. Until next time, I will always remain your faithful, Lither,



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You rock Theresa! Keep up the good work mama you're an inspiration to us all! xoxo from afar, your lithe buddy Amanda

Thanks Amanda! I miss you and hope you're well! And shoutout to KRISTA - another amazingly awesome vet instructor! xoxoxo!

We'll miss you bunches, Theresa!!

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