Your heart never takes a day off.  It does its job around the clock, contracting over 100,000 times per day, delivering 2.4 ounces of blood to the body with every heartbeat. That’s 1,900 gallons of blood each day—all from a 10-ounce pump.

When you're Lithing, your heart gets quite the workout, too.  It increases blood flow 4 to 5 times that of its resting state in order to meet your muscles’ demand for oxygen-rich blood.  During high cardio workouts like Higher Power, High Mini, Weightless and Rock Steady, your heart pumps about 5 to 7 gallons per minute, and returns to its resting rate by the time you’ve cleaned off your mat.

This week, pay some extra attention to your ticker to get even Lither. Start by tracking your recovery heart rate to determine whether you’re reaping the benefits of Lithe. To calculate yours, take your pulse ten seconds after you’ve finished a workout. One minute later, check it again. Subtract your second pulse check from the first. The greater the number, the better shape you are in!

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Is there a number we should be shooting for? What would be typical?

I def have to try this out. I want to reap all the benefits of Lithe.

Hey all, there is a lot of great info on the net about this, but typically, physically fit people’s heart rate recovery time is faster than less fit people’s recovery time because their cardiovascular systems are more efficient and can adapt more quickly.

Take your pulse during a high cardio Lithe class or the next time you are at the bands or barre, and then take it again one minute after class is over.

Your recovery rate number is the difference between the two heart rates. You can also divide the difference by 10. Your physical condition is outstanding if your recovery rate number is above six, excellent if your recovery rate number is between four and six, good if the number is three to four, fair if the number is two to three, and poor if the number is less than two.

Thanks Lauren! That information is really helpful. It will be fun to track this over time to gauge improvement (I hope!)

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