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MAY SCHEDULES! 30 Apr 2013


Spring is in full swing!  

Download Rittenhouse May

Download OldCity May

Download Mainline May

Download Liberties walk May

Image of Lauren wearing Lithe via Dom

INSTAGRAM ♥... 29 Apr 2013

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Instagram love

FHH Contributor Christina Dollings and Lithers Amanda Wilson and Emily Wang getting trashy and showing off their sweat marks post High Waisted with Tif Nork!



A few of our favorites via Twitter...

KALE LEMONADE! 29 Apr 2013

Kale Lemonade
Our Lithe Foods winter lemonade is in the fridges today!  This cold-pressed juice is detoxifying, energizing, boosts immune function, and prevents cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Currently dressed as a chef's special, you'll see this sweet-tart in its real label soon.



Grow your practice!  The classes (and instructors!) that you avoid, are usually the ones that you need.  This week, go out on a limb and spice things up.  Sign up for, or take a class that you've blacklisted, been scared to take, or finally sign up for that 101! 

Images of Lithe Instrcutors via Dom

GET LITHE! 26 Apr 2013


We are just about 30 days away from Memorial Day! Sweatin’ about not sweatin’? Don’t! Even if you haven’t started a workout routine, there is still time to achieve seriously noticeable results before you bust out that swimsuit. If you’re new to Lithe and are ready to get Lithe, our 3-week May Immersion will do the trick!

Mondays & Wednesdays 8:15pm-9:15pm, beginning May 6th

Old City
Tuesday & Thursday 5:15pm, beginning May 7th

Main Line
Tuesday & Thursday 8pm-9pm, beginning May 7th

If our three week Immersion course doesn't work for you, you can opt to take  Lithe 101 classes. Call 215-545-5144 (Rittenhouse) or 215-625-4919 (Old City) or 484-416-3323 (Main Line)

Image of Lithe Instructor Kim Sauer wearing Lithe's Slimming Pants via Dom

SARAH, LISA & KAYLA! 26 Apr 2013


A few of your favorite NYC Instructors will be teaching in Philly this May!  Look out for Sarah, Lisa and Kayla's amazing, high-energy classes on the May schedules (debuting this week).

Images of Kayla, Sarah & Lisa at Lithe Old City via Lauren


Lithe Love

I caught a shot of Lithe Instructor & Director of Operations, Melissa Weinberg modeling our new staff tee shirts.  These aren't for sale, but we have this Lithe Philly love logo on a cute tank (in black) coming very soon!

Image of Melissa Weinberg at Lithe Old City via Lauren


Lithe Love Letters

Dear Lauren:

There I was.  New to Philadelphia and not knowing a soul until a cooking class changed my life.  It was there that I met my now good friend Amy and one night over drinks, she flexed her impressive bicep and exclaimed: "you've GOT to try Lithe Method!"

I was reluctant but I took a 101.  The next day, I literally couldn't walk but I was hooked. I decided to take a step back and start with Lithe Immersion and immediately loved the workout, but more than that, I loved the community.  I still remember the way several ladies gave me a spontaneous hug in the RH locker room when I shyly announced I was a newbie and had just taken my first regular class.  I loved how amazing the instructors were; so friendly, strong, and best of all for me, so curvy!  Bari became my guru, Carrie's Spirit was my ultimate stress reliever, Melissa's kicks would always make my jaw drop, Liz G.'s Skinny Mini was my Sunday necessity and just like that, Lithe was part of my life.  I went from barely being able to make it through the first set of ten lunges at the bar, to making it through all three sets and still having energy to keep going. 

I love the relationships I've made through the workout and the camaraderie we all share after finishing an exceptionally hard class.  My non-Lither friends would shake their heads as I moved around personal and work commitments to get my Lithe Passport stamps and after I scheduled a trip based on the December challenge.  Exercise had always been something fleeting for me but Lithe became a necessity and the RH studio became my second home.  My body's changed, but so has my outlook on life.  Before Lithe, ketchup was a vegetable and now, I make my own breakfast quinoa, make smoothies in my own Vitamix and am always eager to try Lithe's latest juices and lunches.  The fit.hip.healthy lifestyle has made my time in Philadelphia truly special and I know I'll take the lessons I've learned with me.

In the 2+ years since I started Lithing, I've seen Lithe and its community grow and I couldn't be happier.  I remember when Gerri, Kim and Elizabeth started and now I count them as some of my favorite and most inspiring instructors.  I've also seen how EVERY new instructor brings their own uniqueness, talent and passion to Lithe and how each makes class an extraordinary experience.  Even though I know I'll be back in Philly for visits and will make trips to Lithe's NYC studio, I am truly going to miss all of the amazing women (and Fran) I got to see on a regular basis.

Lauren, your community and your workout sustained me through my years in Philly and I'll always be grateful. Until next time, I will always remain your faithful, Lither,


25 THINGS {BY SAYEH}! 24 Apr 2013


If you've been reading my column on Fit Hip Healthy long enough, you're familiar with the term Lithe Stalling--the act of finding any reason to take a quick breather during class. Whether it's taking a sip of water or adjusting your ponytail, it's an art many of us have perfected. If you've ever taken a class with Cheri, however, you won't get the chance! She doesn't mess around, and there is not a moment wasted during her 60 minutes with you. Challenging yourself to work through the transitions without taking a break? She's your gal, and here's a little more about her outside of Lithe:
  1. I am about to go back to work full time as a lawyer after being home with my kids for three years - I am incredibly nervous but super excited to get back into the working world.
  2. I have a younger sister who is several inches taller than me and blonde.  She is the complete opposite of me in many other ways, too, though we're probably more alike than I think.
  3. My favorite movie (and probably the only movie I have watched more than once, I can't stand watching movies I've already seen) is Love Actually.  
  4. I majored in psychology at Duke, and never painted my face blue at basketball games (though I did camp out to see games). 
  5. I always have at least 2-3 medicated Chapstick lip balms on me and cannot go more than an hour without putting one on. 
  6. I have slept with earplugs since my sophomore year in college when my dorm room was across the hall from the girls' bathroom which had a broken door that slammed shut every time someone opened it. Now, I cannot sleep without them; whenever I try, I hear every creak and noise in my house and it completely spooks me. 
  7. I am dying to go on an African safari and see Victoria Falls, though I would probably spend most of the trip freaking out and terrified of the animals.
  8. I have never had a pet. 
  9. I have a serious sweet tooth - my favorites are Runts, Sweettarts, chewy Sweettarts, Nerds and Fundip (but not the stick, just the sugar!)
  10. I have to have some form of chocolate at least once a day - usually its a Dove Promises milk chocolate bar or Hershey's Bliss chocolates. 
  11. I have so many favorite foods - pizza (my local favorites are Joe's on 16th in Center City and In Riva in East Falls), sushi, lasagna, chicken parm, bolognese sauce, french fries, avocado, cheese, cherries and dried apples. To name just my top 10.  
  12. I was a cheerleader in middle school and part of high school and have danced since I was 7.  
  13. I am a voracious reader - I can read anything. 
  14. I met my boyfriend on JDate! I always forget that he is 11 years older than I am, except when we are talking about some movie/television/or music reference and then we remember we grew up in different decades. 
  15. I have two very strange recurring dreams - one,  that I find myself at the end of the college semester about to go into finals and realize that I haven't been to a single class and never even bought any of the textbooks.  In the other, I am driving to my parents' house on Long Island and end up taking an alternate route on a road that is essentially a roller coaster with loops (though my car is obviously not tied down to a track!) and there are breaks in the Verrazano Bridge that my car has to leap over. I find both dreams equally terrifying! 
  16. I never exercised until I started Lithing.  Now, I am completely addicted to the endorphins and the rush and love nothing more than working myself physically and mentally as hard as I can for 60 minutes, ending up looking like I took a shower. 
  17. I used to be so impatient (think "foot tapper" while waiting in line), but I have completely mellowed in the past several years and love living life this way. 
  18. It is incredibly difficult for me to sit still.  Unless I am reading - and then I can completely tune out the world, for better or worse.
  19. I was an extraordinarily picky eater for most of my life - think plain spaghetti, white rice, parmesan cheese. Now I have a pretty adventurous palate and love insanely spicy foods, the spicier the better!
  20. I was a vegetarian for 7 years, largely motivated by the crush I had on my 9th grade biology teacher. 
  21. I am a complete and total spaz - I am always bruised from constantly bumping into walls and poles (even in my own house where I should be familiar with their location!), dropping and breaking glasses, etc.  I know many of you have caught me almost falling off the instructor platform many times. 
  22. I love to laugh and am easily amused - it doesn't take much,  and I love corny jokes, the cornier the better.  You know I am laughing really hard if you can't hear it - I have a silent laugh when I really get going. 
  23. I hate reality television.  Except for So You Think You Can Dance.  In fact, I pretty much dislike television in general, with the exception of a few shows.  The television is rarely on in my house unless the kids are watching! I'd much rather be reading.
  24. I hate talking on the phone and avoid it at all costs. 
  25. My kids (Ava, 8.5 and Ben, almost 5) are my world. Ava is so imaginative and creative (she definitely doesn't get that from me) and would do anything in the world for her little brother, despite the fact that he tortures her on a daily basis.  Ben is a crazy little boy, fearless, and such a ham, but so sweet and loving (except when he is torturing his sister!)

Image of Lithe Instructor Cheri Tolin via Dom

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