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I may not always be at the studio, but I can hear you...
I'm always keeping an ear out for negative body image and eating disorder-triggering conversations at Lithe; it's part of my job.  Since 2005, Lithe has been all about body diversity, from the instructors that we hire, to our branding message.  IT IS what we stand for, and we pride ourselves on being a positive, happy, healthy environment for all women.  

We don't usually hear much negative talk within our walls, but springtime always increases the negative body image chatter about skipping out on sculpting classes for something higher cardio because, "I can't afford to take a class like Cinch, it doesn't have enough cardio/calorie burn.  Or, "Omg, I ate so much for breakfast today...a whole bowl of cereal."  Or, "I won't dare lift anything heavier than 5 lbs because it makes me "bulky."

I'm piping in to remind you that, these types of misconceptions are exactly why this blog and the Lithe Lifestyle exists.

Did you know that mixing Lithe's CCS Cardio and CCS Sculpting is the best way to achieve the results that you are looking for?  When our more traditional, slower-paced,“strength” workouts are performed with the correct timing (think: Sculpt, Cinch, Skinny Jeans, High Waisted, Thinny, Peeled, Wings, Walk-Star, Waspie, Split or Sleeveless), form, precision and intensity they also really get the heart rate up and train the cardiovascular system just like our more aerobic cardio workouts (think: Rock Steady, Hot Legs, Skinny Mini, Spirit, Hot-stepper, Higher Power, Weightless & Twiggy).

Food is also your friend.  If you really want your body to work for you when you're Lithing, you need to feed it right-whether that's making the most of 2 classes a week, or building up to a marathon mileage of 4 to 7 classes per week. 

What the bulk?  Who's building bulk?  You're getting bulky?  No, you really aren't; You're building an athletic body.  If you'd like to remove the fat that's sitting on top of your lean muscles, change your diet and increase your weights to eights and watch you become your leanest yet.  Want to learn more?  Read all about the old bulk myth (#1) in my column for Huffington Post's Healthy Living.

Today I'm reminding you that you are all athletes.  I challenge you all to think like the athletes that you are and love the body that you're building. Our workout will make you: strong, athletic, femininely cut, curvy, and confident.  Our workout will not train you to be skinny.  If you have a body, you are an athlete (thank you, NIKE!).  Love your athletic body.  Feed your athletic body.  Challenge your athletic body.  Accept your athletic body.  Be proud of your athletic, LITHE body.  

Lithe Instructors Liz Galbally, Lauren Boggi Goldenberg, Cat Keirnan & Bianca Pallotto wearing Lithe's Hot-stepper Dress via Dom


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LOVE the body diversity represented in this photo (all equally beautiful)! A nice reminder that you don't have to fit a certain mold to have a truly great, healthy body.

This is a really important post to read! We as women get way too hard on ourselves and respecting our vision of the "perfect" body. Your picture above is a great representation of how beautiful everyone is as a healthy individual!

Thank you for another great post!

Perfectly stated, Lauren - and as Lisa and Kristen pointed out, the photo above is exactly the diversity we need to learn to embrace. I've said it from the start - since Lithing, I've become a more toned and stronger version of me, and my curves have still stuck with me. I've come to embrace them, love them and love myself through it all because our bodies are what enable us to get up every day and live life. Without loving our bodies and without taking care of them, we are doing ourselves a disservice.

Rock on, Lauren!!! This is such a great post!

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