On Sunday, Jordan, Mars and I spent hours walking all around Philly. I loved experiencing our city through the eyes of our 20 month old; everything felt so new and fresh.  Mars loved watching the skateboarders at Love Park (Philly, can we please just obtain a sponsor and make that a real skateboard park?), and he adored running through the water fountains and climbing the "mountain" in the Children's Discovery Garden at Sister Cities Park

Check out this video of Mars and watch him come *this close* to getting drenched.  He's so cute right now; he makes my heart melt!  Have you guys explored our city recently?  Do you remember what your favorite Philly spots were as a child?  If you haven't checked out our city lately you should; there are so many great places to explore.  


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Top 10 places to visit/experience in philly? Top 10 restaurants? I smell some good #fithiphealthy posts!

AW! He is sooo cute it's painful!

so so so adorable!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has amazing family and children's programs...many of which are coordinated by me, an avid Lither! We would love to see more Lithe mommies at our programs! Check us out: http://www.philamuseum.org/calendarEvents/families/programs.html

Thanks Liz!

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