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I've heard from many Lithers, when they first start coming to classes, that they were already working out every day, thinking that they were ‘fit’ and had just hit that inevitable plateau with their results. Then, they realize, Lithe.Is.Different.

I have specifically designed Lithe around a sculpting regimen and cheer-based cardio (Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting®) that will give you unparalleled results…and I've put a system in place that assures you will never plateau. By constantly updating and adding workouts, customizing classes to the season, and orchestrating the monthly class schedules so you almost can't avoid variety in your workout, you'll never get bored, and never stop seeing results.
Each month (since 2005... the beginning of time here at Lithe), our schedules change.  Some people fight me tooth and nail about it, but, some of you roll with the punches, embrace our ever-changing schedules -- and then see amazing changes in your bodies.  There's a method to the madness - I know how easy it is to get comfortable in a routine, and so do your muscles! In order to continue to change your body, you should switch up your classes every 2-4 weeks; please don’t stick to the same workouts week after week and month after month.  *If you see a workout on any studio schedule for 8+ weeks, please know that there IS a reason for it.  Getting bored?  Increase your weight and grab those 5's or 8+ lbs.
And remember, Lithe works in mysterious ways: our leg-focused classes will change your arms (and burn the most fat and calories) and arm-focused classes will change your waist!  

To every thing, there is a season...

Just like eating seasonally is important, it’s just as important to work your body in unison with the seasons and what you’re are taking in food-wise.  People tend to turn inward, be more lethargic and tight as the weather turns cooler. That’s when you’ll see more Rare Form, Melt, and Floored classes on the schedule.  When it becomes warmer, we take it outside with Hotstepper and Walk-star and up the ante with more hi-cardio based workouts. 

I also keep a keen eye on Lithers bodies and fashion trends when developing new content and classes. I look at what people will be wearing (and revealing) in the upcoming months.  I know that you want to look great in your clothes!  
Seeing a lot of band classes on the schedules?  It must be post-holiday or pre-summer! Either way, it’s fat-burning time, ladies!  If it's Spring-time, short shorts and higher hemlines are upon us, and I'll create a new leg-focused class, or Short Shorts and Watershed will reappear on the schedule.  Fall and early spring usually coincide with Skinny Jeans, and you’ll see a lot of Lithe Classics on the schedules… There’s no better workout to target your lower half and tone the hips and glutes to pull off a pair of skinny jeans!

So remember, to get the most out of Lithe, embrace the variety and continue to push yourself. You'll love the results! 

Images of Lithe Instructors, Lauren Boggi, Melissa Weinberg & Bari Rosenthal via Dom


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Thank you Lauren, for always having the best for us in mind!!

Re: Susie, I second that! I like that the classes change constantly. It forces me to try something new and helps me avoid getting stuck in a rut. I can't wait to try Action Figure!

Lauren- I personally LOVE that you are always switching up the classes. Since I go to Lithe at the same time every weekday, it's helpful that every month, I know that I will have a new routine. I never get bored, and I never stop getting store. Can't wait for more Dutch!

I agree! I love that the classes change all the time. Keeps me on my toes (literally.)

I, too, take class on the same days/times each week. What I have found incredibly rewarding is when the schedule "makes me" revisit a class that I have unfond memories of and I'm able to get through it - it shows me just how far I've come, and motivates me to keep going!

Hi Lauren. I completely respect and understand the method to your "madness" and I enjoy rolling with the punches of the schedule and always keeping it fresh. But I'm disappointed that Watershed has disappeared from the schedule in the evenings. I planned to take it Thursdays in Rittenhouse this month and that just got changed at the last minute to Floored. I would think that there is no better time than the month before bathing suit season starts to make sure we have access to that amazing class and the fact that no one who Lithes in the evenings can get access to it is disappointing. Any change it can get back on the schedule?

Hi Erin, Watershed has been updated to include bands and instructor Melissa W. has an ankle injury (she's in a boot) and cannot demo very much so we had to change her schedule. Don't fret though, Watershed will be making an appearance in April (Maybe not until May) in the evenings at Rittenhouse this month. Sorry to disappoint. Many class changes are due to instructor coverage/substitutions.

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