Dear Lauren –

I moved to Center City almost 8 years ago from NYC after the birth of my first child.  I had developed post-partum depression with the birth of my first child, and was thereafter diagnosed as clinically depressed. Fast forward 4 years and 2 additional children, I struggled to get back into a fitness groove, as I knew being active always made a difference in my emotional health. I had tried a few of the boutique fitness programs here in Philly, but after a few months, I got bored and quickly dropped out.  I tried DVDs at home and those also fell by the wayside.

I moved out to the Mainline in June 2011 and joined a gym, and again found myself unable to develop a routine.  Moving out to the suburbs coincided with the onset of peri-menopause and a resulting 30-lb weight gain. I tried to regain control of my hormones and stave off the effects of osteoarthritis, which was exacerbated by my sudden weight gain.  With the help of a really good endocrinologist, I was able to put my hormones back in line, but the weight didn’t come off as quickly as it was put on.  That’s where Lithe came in.

It was about a year ago (my Lithe-versary is May 6th) that the Mainline Studio opened, and my first class was a 101 with the queen of the breath, Carrie Gero. I was sore but I came back two days later and took another 101 with Cheri Tolin, and then I met you Lauren in Waspie, and I remember you tickling my shoulders to make them relax and instantly felt the change.  That summer I also signed up for my first ‘10’ and met some of the other amazing instructors like Krista, Bari, and Elizabeth. With ’10’ I was introduced to the community of women that were part of Lithe and I became officially obsessed.

Since my first class, I have lost a total of 15 lbs. and since ‘10’ I have lost a total of almost 19” over my entire body. I have more I would like to accomplish, as recently I discovered through the 3-day Detox that I needed to eliminate dairy from my diet when I dropped 4.5 lbs. (included in the 15 total above) in those 3 days! (way to kick start the summer :)

188 classes later, I am a stronger, more confident and happier mom, sister, wife, friend and self.  Thank you Lauren and Lithe for helping me achieve a feeling of confident beauty, that radiates from within every day.  I know I owe it to all the instructors, staff and my fellow Lithers. This coming year I am again committing to the FitHipHealthy motto – especially the eating healthy part. I am a lifelong Lither and forever grateful.

Love NM


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