Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting my recos from wellness to healthy food here in Philadelphia and beyond.  This week, I'm talking about the people that I trust with my body and mind.  If you're super busy and always on the go, you know that sometimes it takes a village to care for YOU.  I highly recommend the women above; they're true healers, experts in their fields, and I'm lucky (and proud) to call them my friends.  Read about my go-to's for when I want to really feel beautiful inside {clockwise}:

Mother's Helper:  Paige Chapman of Mama's Wellness Joint.  Have you been to the Joint?  Like Paige, it's completely beautiful and serene.  I go for Paige's yoga, raw milk, Salt of the Earth, raw local honey, and her ridiculously amazing selection of essential oils.  What's our history?  Paige was my doula

Eastern Medicine Master:  Julie Schwartz of Julie Heals/Queen Village Acupuncture.  Julie has been my acupuncturist and herbal guru go-to since 2007.  She has shortened the healing time of muscles in spasm,  turned Mars from his breech position at 38.5 weeks with acupuncture/moxibustion, and helps me monthly with stress management.  What's our history?  She married Jordan's best friend, Mark and her daughter Sophie is one of Mars's BFF's.  For those of you who Lithed from 2007-08, you may have experienced our collaborative workout, Lithe EnerChi

The Muscle Mender (who really knows your workout):  Tiffany Nork of Lithe's Body Boosters (she previously owned On The Spot Wellness).  Since 2008, Lithe Instructor and "Lithe Therapist" (Tif's our in-house, certified massage therapist), has been kneading away our chronic sore spots, peeling away super tight connective tissue, and correcting our muscular imbalances with her own two hands and her therapeutic Lithe Melt "mini-balls" since 2007.  What's our history?  Tif began Lithing in 2005 and became an instructor in 2006 (currently, she is my "oldest" instructor).  I see Tif bi-monthly for psoas and piriformis tightness from all the tucking and squeezing that I do, and those crazy, hurt-so-good spinal rolls that only she does.  And, because she performs true bodywork, it really works.  Those of us who swear by her know it's not an ordinary massage. 

Image of Paige Chapman via Paige, Julie Schwartz via Dominic Episcopo and Tif Nork working on Lauren at Lithe Old City via Johanna



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Such an amazing group of women! And such wonderful healers for the body and soul!

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