ME ON MONDAY (RISK). 15 May 2013

Lauren Boggi Goldenberg

Since the Queen of Hearts article debuted in the May issue of Philly Mag, I've received many emails from entrepreneurs, people asking my advice, and women asking me questions about business, in general.  Which I love, BTW.  I adore helping women; I think that we women should be helping each other.  All this has really made me think a lot about my past, my story, and how Lithe as a business would have been very different if I had listened to people tell me what I shouldn't do.

Last week I found this picture.  It was 2007.  Jordan had just purchased his loft (two years later it became our loft).  I had just opened Lithe Rittenhouse, and my dog Edie and I were somewhat homeless.  Two months prior to this picture, I signed a lease on an awesome corner one bedroom apartment in the loft district.  Just one month into my lease the economy tanked and my lovely realtor Nella allowed me to exit my lease when I realized I had bitten off more than I could chew.   

The irony of the story is that just six months prior, Jordan and I had just started dating and he had asked me to move in with him.  I said no; I was Miss Independent.  Been there, done that.  Guess who went crying to Jordan when she realized that she couldn't make ends meet?  Yours truly.  There I was drinking wine, sobbing on his couch asking HIM if I could move in.  It was so ironic, that he decided to snap a picture of the moment.  Guess what?  It was one of the best decisions that I've ever made.  I could have gone home to live with my parents, I could have stayed with a girlfriend temporarily, or listened to all of my friends who told me not to do it (I heard he was a player).  At that moment, I had hit rock-bottom.  I was so scared, and I would have loved to have some sort of commitment from him, but I went for it anyway. 

One thing that I've always subscribed to in my personal life and with my career is that I've always trusted my gut and I've always done things that I'm not totally quite ready to do.  I've also always accepted the possible consequences of failure. You know the feeling that you get when you're like, 'what have I gotten myself into?' When you get that feeling, you have to hold on tight and push through it.  Take that feeling and run with it because something really great usually happens

Image of Lauren from 2007 via Jordan


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Your gut IS your best tool! I've used it for every house/apt I've ever lived in, and so many major decisions in my life. When I didn't, I have regretted those decisions. Clearly its worked well for you! Keep on keeping on! xo

Love this so much, Lauren! I wish I had one-tenth of the guts that you have. I need to take this advice more often.

Lauren, this is really amazing. Knowing what was going on in that picture really puts a lot of things in perspective looking at all the other pics peppered on the blog of where you are now. Pushing through that 'what have i gotten myself into' feeling is so hard, but i agree with you...so key. the few times i've done it in my life, i've never regretted it. thanks SO much for sharing this.

Love this. Everything happens for a reason!

You have no idea how much I needed to see this/read this. Thank you for this...and Lithe.

Lauren - I, too, took a risk and found the love of my life and a wonderful job. It was truly meant to be. I am so happy for you. I can't tell you enough how much Lithe means to me. Thank you for taking YOUR risk and making so many of our lives more wonderful!

Very inspirational Lauren. Thank you! I aspire to be as successful and creatively fulfilled in my career/life as you are. And to have such stylish digs :) Keep posting!

You always did throw caution to the wind! You did your own thing and never cared what anyone else thought. Always loved that about you :-)

Jordan was clearly in love with you when this picture was taken, it's simple but reveals a lot!!! All my life I think I've taken risks and I'm a better person for it, I also don't regret taking any one of them, the results were not always what I wanted but that will never keep me from continuing to do so. You meet great people and have even greater experiences when you take risks. You are gorgeous and so is your Lithe Dream, keep up the great work momma!!

Great story, great photo, greatest outcome ever!

Aww, thanks ladies! Glad you liked this one. I'll keep writing and sharing.

Always keeping it "real.' I love this...you are such a strong female figure for all..

"Why not go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is." - Mark Twain.

Thanks for going for it, for all of us! :) xoxo

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