Rock Steady!

What you need: Wrist Bands! The new Thinny bands no longer have a foam cushion to protect your wrists (sanitary reasons). BYO or purchase them at the front desk for $6. They keep the delicate skin around your wrists from chafing from all the sliding the bands do in this high energy class. I highly recommend them. They make a world of difference. 
Props: Lithe Thinny Bands
Clothing Considerations: Whatever you're comfortable in 
Sweat Factor: You'll look like you just pulled the chain to dump water on yourself during your dance performance on stage a la Flashdance

I was a cheerleader once, for exactly 1 year. The 8th grade. We were the Mustangs. Who rocks the house? The Mustangs rock the house. And when the Mustangs rock the house...they rock it all-the-way-DOWN! Picture butts in the air and slamming the ground on the word DOWN. We were awesome. Except that we weren't. We kind of sucked. I just loved the uniforms and was excited to learn synchronized dances, but wasn't into my squad leaders yelling and screaming at me and would usually skip practice to fake inhale cigarettes under a bridge behind my school with all the 'alternative' kids. Which meant I was wearing a pleated skirt and coughing up a storm while kids cooler than me listened to Nirvana on their discmans in their flannel shirts.  

Fast forward ten years, and I was a first-year high school teacher a few weeks into the job when my principal called me into his office to ask me if I would volunteer to be the cheerleading sponsor for the school. Now, as a first year teacher you are expected to take on extra-curricular activities and really lend a helping hand. Something I was prepared to do, but high school cheerleading in Texas is NO JOKE. You guys saw the Lifetime movie. They kill for that stuff down there. I just looked him dead in the eye and said: Cheerleading? Do I look spunky to you? He chuckled, said Good point. And I decided to head up our school's chapter of Crime Stoppers instead. We stopped mo' crime!

But deep down I've always been drawn to the sport despite acting too cool for it when I was coming up. I watched the competitions on ESPN, secretly loved pep rallies where I could see all the amazing stunts and high flyers. I had to admit--even if just to myself. Cheerleaders, despite their various stigmas, were TALENTED ATHLETES. 

Enter Rock Steady. A microcasm of my relationship with cheerleading. When I first saw the video that Lauren posted of one of its CCS sequences, I was slightly terrified. Then when I realized they actually shout things out and stomp and clap, my too-cool-for-school reflexes kicked in. HEll NO! I thought.  But then true to form, my nagging inner cheerleader kicked in too. She was saying: Rocky Steady might actually be FUN. You know you want to. 

And she was so right. First, it wasn't nearly as difficult to remember the CCS sequences and keep up as I thought it would be. If you've been taking classes like Higher Power, Twiggy, Pom and Weightless and have gotten a feel for CCS, you will pick up the Rock Steady sequences quickly. If not, I still say give it a shot. You repeat the sequences so many times that you will certainly pick it up by the end of a class or 2. 

Like the aforementioned CCS heavy classes, Rock Steady breaks up the CCS sequences into sets. In other words, you do 10, 20, 30 reps of each move before moving to the next. You do that a few times before you break them down by doing one of each all in a row. And the CCS sections themselves are further separated by scultpting segments where you doing standing sculpting work or down on the mat doing abs and sculpting yourself from hip to shoulder. 

Class flies by and you're done and soaking wet before you know it. It definitely brought out my secret love for remembering fun routines. It was so fun to see everyone doing them in unison while a great play list blared around me. It definitely beats hacking away at Viriginia Slims in a cheerleading uniform and dodging the dean of students under a gross, humid bridge. Rock Steady definitely rocks the house. All-the-way DOWN!

See you in class!


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I love Rock Steady. It reminds me of JV Cheerleading practice.

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