TRASHY DO: 13 May 2013


I created our Calorie Trashers for High Waisted, but you can increase your flexibility by wearing them in many of our sculpting workouts (listed above).  We DON'T recommend them for our cardio workouts, as you can become severely dehydrated, and possibly cause muscle breakdown. 

Please be smart, drink up, and wear them right.  FYI:  For safety and liability reasons, Lithe Instructors reserve the right to ask a Lither to remove her Trashers in any high cardio workout.

Image of Lithe Instructor Bianca Pallotto wearing Trashers via Dom


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Thanks for this. Two things have kept me from buying them, and not knowing when/how often I could use them was reason #1! Now for reason #2...they are never in stock! When do you expect them to be back?

Thank you! I was admittedly a little scared for some Lithers doing cardio in them.

We just placed another order Gina, so we should have some in stock next week! Email chrissy@lithemethod.com if you would like to pre-pay and reserve a pair.

I bought mine about two weeks ago (ML studio). Can't wait until they arrive and I get to try them!!! Thanks for the tips!

Thanks Lauren - really appreciate the list! Was hoping you would do an article for the blog when we chatted after Rock Steady!! I won't be caught wearing them in the wrong classes again!

Agreed Megan-I've seen women wearing them in high-cardio classes and it made me nervous for them. I've been wanting to try them, I actually hope they will heat my knees so that I will experience a lot less pain in class. I will call and pre-order!

How about cinch? Seems with all the wide second work it might be useful

Hi Lauren--thanks for this post! I think I'll finally go ahead and order myself a pair. Any plans for a spring or summer challenge in the works? I could really use the motivation to get to more classes in a month. Thanks!

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