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Rachel's tips on how you can boost your self-esteem and positive thinking in the studio:

Fake it ‘till you make it

Just keep moving! If you are totally lost in a CCS series, try to approximate the choreography as best you can. For example, lose the feet and just do the series using your arms or vice versa, keep your arms by your side (activate them by engaging the lats to slide the shoulders down and reach for the floor with your finger tips) and work on perfecting the moves with your lower half. 

Back to Basics

If all else fails, do what you know, and what you do well. If you can’t get the CCS down, revert back to the fundamental moves in our cardio practice (think: Cheer Preps, jacks, jogging in place, marching, etc). The same can be said for the barre (think: Lunges, Sumos, Curtseys). This approach will help you maintain confidence and push yourself. 

Ignore the Competition

When setting up for your sweat session, plop your gloves and props down near a mat in the front of the room. This will help you focus on YOU instead of others in the room in your line of sight. 

Chat Up your Instructors!

Grab us pre-class and let your instructor know that you are nervous/ don’t know what to expect etc. I love it when Lithers do this and I always make it a point to cozy up next to them at the barre for a few reps to help with form and timing. Remember-- what you perceive as a weakness is actually strength- asking for help when you need it is hard but that is how you learn and grow which will improve your practice—be it here at Lithe or beyond!

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I've been wanting to try Lithe for quite a while but my nerves and insecurities have prevented me from doing it. I know I just have to let go and challenge these thoughts but its been difficult. These blogs help!

I love getting a spot right in front of the mirror so I can watch myself and my form while Lithing! Thanks for the tips, Rachel.

Awesome, guys! You're welcome- my pleasure! Right on, Amirah! Dayne- so great to hear from you. Come to a class and give it all you got! You will be so happy that you did. Bravo (in advance)... See you soon!

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