Giveaway Friday

Happy Friday!  Today's giveaway is a Lithe Method post-holiday gift pack; Perfect for getting motivated and back on track, post-holiday weekend!  Our gift pack includes a Lithe 3 Class Card, a Lithe Foods cooler bag, Lithe Love tee shirt, and a Lithe water bottle.  

For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us your favorite Lithe Workout (tough choice!) and why! One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules:  One entry per person; Card will be added to your account with expiration applied.  Thank you, and good luck!

Image of Lithe Instructors Bianca Pollatto and Kim Sauer via Dom


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#1: Carrie's Friday ML Freestyle insanity!
#2: Lauren's new Sleeveless

Tough choice, but going with Tight End

I'm in a love/hate relationship with high waisted!

Lauren's Thigh High 3.0 is definitely my favorite class!!!
She kicks it into high gear with that one!

Lauren's 12:15 Freestyle is the best! You never know what you are walking into and it is always something different!

Higher Power. Cardio cheer sculpting, band resistance, and that grand finale ab series. Love it!

Short Shorts. I love the pace, gliders, and the soreness that lasts a few days afterwards.

All time fave is Higher Power.. made me fall in love with Lithe. Bands are amaze for scuplting!

Current fave is Stems!

So tough- my favorite is definitely Pom! So much fun yet tough and I leave class feeling on top of the world!

Waspie-- it is how the bands were introduced to me years ago and I still love it!

I really like peeled. The playlist for the class makes it fly

My favorite class is Skinny Mini - the perfect total body, cardio, and sculpting class in the roster!

I second Short Shorts! Using the gliders adds a whole other dimension to barre work.

How is it that no one has mentioned Rock Steady yet!? Just took for the first time and it's awesome! Having been nearly 300 lbs, jumping so much feels like a blessing and that class burned 700 calories on Sunday! Also can't help but hear the rock steady cheer from high school in my head: "Rock, rock, steady, steady! 'Cause your team, ain't even ready! To rock rock, steady eddy, your team ain't even ready!"

The re-vamped Thinny...it's like Floored on crack, thanks to the resistance bands pulling at your legs for the entire hour! It's like torture, in a good way :)

(Side note: My obliques are sore from a great Thinny last night!)

New old city sleeveless Tues 9:45--great arm workout but total body too!

Peeled is by far the HARDEST for me! Holding that weight in T for half the class is a serious burner! However, the results make up for the PAIN!

Definitely split! Love using both the bands and the barre!

I would have to say Peeled. I see and feel results the next day.

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