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My work schedule has recently become way more active this month as I began training our newest crop of Lithe Instructors.  My latest breakfast obsession?  Go-Go Oatmeal!  It is SO good and keeps me full well into the afternoon hours on my "go go" days.  I make a huge batch on Sunday and then eat it throughout the week.  Mars loves it too!  Full disclosure re: ghee...I like my oatmeal buttery and rich (hence, the 1 tablespoon per serving). if you don't "go" everyday, you probably will after you eat this.  If you do "go" everyday, this WILL send you to the bathroom, so my advice is to slowly incorporate Ghee into your diet.  

Ingredients:  Steel cut oats, 1 tablespoon of ghee (or less if you prefer), coconut milk, and coconut sugar

Directions:  Soak oats overnight, then cook oatmeal.  Add in ghee, coconut milk and coconut sugar while oats are still hot.  Enjoy! 

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quick question (but one with real consequence, it would seem): is the tablespoon of ghee for the entire pot or per serving? thanks!

Hi Amanda,

Yes, good question! For me, that is per serving (not the entire pot). My tablespoon is not a heaping one, either.

Keep in mind that my serving is a pretty LARGE one : ) I eat this for breakfast on what I call my "go go" days: when I have a 16-18 hour work day; when I'm logging about 4-5 hours of Lithe/training/chasing a toddler, etc.

I love the buttery taste and the health benefits of ghee but I recommend starting small for sure!

Let me know how you like it!

would love to try this recipe! where would i be able to find ghee? thx!

Hi Jasmin,

Ghee is a healthy alternative to butter and oils. It is available at Whole Foods (maybe trader joe's has it), natural food stores, and Indian product stores or you can prepare the ghee yourself:

Makes 1 ½ cups
45 min, 5 min prep
1 lb unsalted butter

Heat unsalted butter in a stainless steel, thick-bottomed sauce pan, over a low-medium flame.
Allow the oil (ghee) to separate from the milk solids.
Periodically remove the foam that accumulates at the top.

When the oil is clear in color, the ghee is done.
Remove from the stove and allow to cool for a while, than carefully pour off the ghee into a wide-mouthed jar through several layers of cheese cloth secured to the opening of the jar or through a fine mesh strainer.
Cover the jar and store at room temperature.

great, thanks! looking fwd to trying this recipe

If you make one big batch and then use it throughout the week, do you add the coconut milk/sugar/ghee all at once when its warm and then store cold? Or do you add the coconut milk/sugar/ghee to the reheated single servings?

i definitely need to try this to help with my occasional lack of 'go.' haha.

i'm also curious about when you add the coconut mlk and sugar; in the large batch or by serving. andddd lastly, is this to taste or is there a suggested amount?

Hi Karen & Jessica, I add the coconut milk/sugar/ghee to the reheated single serving. The recipe is totally to taste, so feel free to add as little or as much as you prefer!

Hi! How much of the oats do you actually use? Thanks!

Hi Lauren! How many oats are in one serving? Thanks!

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