ME ON MONDAY (MY APPLE). 27 Jun 2013

Mars Goldenberg

I'm currently planning Mars's 2nd birthday party (July 30th), and I can't believe that I've been a mom for almost two years.  Two years!  Mars is a full-blown TODDLER!  These past two years have been the fastest, most challenging, and satisfying years of my life.  Actually, I feel like I'm just now getting the hang of being a mom; I'm no longer on edge, nervously second guessing myself, or trying to get the hang of my role.  It finally feels really good.  I can honestly say that I truly love it now.

Up until about two months ago, I could visibly see that Mars resembled me, but I would always wonder what kind of person he would be.  Would he be a thinker?  Funny like Jordan?  A creative?  Intellectual?  An athlete?  Would he be like me?  Would all that movement (Lithe) in utero effect him and shape him at all? 

Now that Mars is quickly turning into a little boy with a BIG personality, I have to say that I know for sure that he is happiest when he is active.  He dances whenever he hears a beat (even a Harley Davidson's cadence when idling), he stretches whenever he has the opportunity, and he loves music.  Jordan recently captured this impromptu photo of him in front of Athleta on Walnut Street.  Mid-walk he stopped to check out the mannequins and went right into Downward Dog.  This picture really warms my heart.  I guess the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree...

Image of Mars via Jordan via Instagram


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LOVE this

Nice downward facing dog! And in front of a mannequin doing triangle. Looks like you have a little yogi on your hands!

Too cute.

WOW 2 years old. Really miss you guys. Wish we could be there. Mars is turning out fantastic

That is so cute!!! My baby girl Jordan is turning 2 next month, and you could not have put exactly what I am feeling into better words, and apparently her and Mars are on the same wave length b/c she has taken an extreme liking to downward dog...I mean all the time. Yesterday she was pretending to do do her babydoll's hair in that position!

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