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Hi Lauren,

I LOVE the new versions (2.0 & 3.0) of Thigh High and Sleeveless.  Are the original Sleeveless and Thigh High workouts still being offered, or can I expect the new version of the class this month? 



Hi KM, 

Great question.  I love that you're loving Lithe!  Lithe is in a constant state of transformation, just like you all are.  Things are always changing around here.  The icon of our butterfly is a reminder to propel us further during the process, like a metamorphosis. 

There are some workouts that I may never touch (Waspie), but as the years pass, you can see that many of our workouts have evolved:  Stems 2.0, Sculpt 2.0, Cinch 2.0, Sweet Cheeks 2.0, Sleeveless 2.0. Thigh High 2.0 & 3.0, Waist Not 2.0.  In fact, the Action Figure that most of you know as the original, is actually Action Figure 2.0! 

Each of the newer versions of our workouts builds upon the previous one. With that said, original versions are just as good (and effective!) as our newer versions; Newer versions are not improved versions, they are just different.  I make sure that the focus is the same anatomically whether you're taking version 2.0 or the original.  Lithe all things Lithe, I highly recommend mixing our originals with our newer versions (we take the guesswork out for you).  We do not abandon any original versions of our workouts (they are the bones), but we rotate them so that you all achieve the best results.  

Initially, I always teach the most current versions of our workouts as I create in vitro.  Then, once I perfect a workout, we send it off to be copyrighted and then I slowly train our instructors.  There is a lot that goes into scheduling each studio.  We carefully pick and choose who teaches what workout (and what version), so that our studio schedules are varied, ever-challenging and always changing.  You can expect the originals of every Lithe workout to always remain on the schedules! 

Image of Lithe Instructors Tif Nork, Diana Khuu, Rachel Dore & Cat Kiernan in Stems 2.0 (with Pom's for the shot) via Dom


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Speaking of which, I am really digging the new Thigh High. I love that you change up the workouts- as someone who Lithes often, I never get bored because of this. Looking forward to more killer Thigh High this week!

I always appreciated the variety at Lithe, however, after moving out of Philadelphia my appreciation for the variety has grown! I now go to several different studios in order to get variety in my workouts. Can't wait to come back and try out the new versions of Thigh High and Sleeveless!

Shame to hear about sleeveless. I've taken 2.0 and its very tough but I always loved the original (also very tough)

I also find that each instructor has her own slightly different version of each class which is another great way to shake things up. Carrie's Sculpt for instance has a few extra things thrown in just to insure I can't move the next day...

Sandy, thanks for noticing that! They are all different.

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